Giving the Real a Voice

Empathetic Imaginaton.

Empathy: Compassionate Understanding.

Seeking to feel what someone else feels is to feel with them, is to extend one’s felt sense of identity into the worldview of another, is to reach out toward them with an open hand and open heart.

Striving to know the lived experience of another is to care about them, is to claim a common humanity, is to acknowledge the other on the most basic level.

Imagination: Epistemological Anarchism.

Challenging ideological or cynical realism is to open oneself up to possibility and uncertainty, is to question and doubt, is to root at the ground of received wisdom.

Demanding freedom of thought is to empower ideas, is to let loose forces unknown and unknowable, is to risk all.

Empathetic imagination means letting the Real have its own voice… and then to listen.

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