Biden’s VP Debate Performance: Effective or Disrespectful?

I’ve read all the negative responses to Biden by Republicans. My parents are Republicans and they too responded extremely negative. They thought Biden was disrespectful, but beyond just that.

I never saw the video of the debate. So, I can’t speak for the full experience of Biden’s animated performance. But I didn’t get the sense that Biden was being an asshole or acting like a maniac, as Republicans portray him.

I suspect that if Ryan had acted as aggressively Republicans wouldn’t have the same response. Democrats didn’t blame Romney when Obama didn’t perform well. Is Ryan’s relatively lackluster or, if you prefer, subdued performance the fault of Biden or just the fault of Ryan himself?

Does anyone who isn’t a Republican think that Republicans have any valid reason for judging Biden? Or are they just being sore losers? I’m not a big fan of partisan politics, but I don’t mind assertiveness such as Biden’s performance if it serves the useful purpose. Did it serve a useful purpose? I’d really like to know how moderates and independents perceived the debate.

Joe Biden’s laugh in debate: Was he a happy warrior or … a boor?

Joe Biden’s smiling: Was there method to his madness?

2 thoughts on “Biden’s VP Debate Performance: Effective or Disrespectful?

  1. Karl Rove pretty much tweeted to the right-wing lemmings that the official line was going to be “Biden was rude to our poor little Paul.” and they’re all just doing their duty as little Eichmann Republicans, echoing his spin, even elaborating upon it if they have more than one functioning brain cell.

    Biden did exactly what he needed to do to expose the hypocrisy and fairy-dust of the Romney/Ryan so-called platform. I agreed with every smirk and grin and guffaw. The absolute best was when Ryan was asked what special characteristicsts he personally brought to the ticket, and the first one out of his mouth was “honesty”. Seriously, I spewed my drink of choice at that one!

    • I haven’t been closely following the right-wing as of late. I’ve been focusing my attention elsewhere, but the recent campaigns have drawn my attention back to the political. I’m sure there was a concerted effort on the right to frame the debate as there is a concerted effort to frame almost everything. That is the reason Fox News was created in the first place.

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