Simple Economic Truths

There is no capital without labor.
There is no land value without community.

Capital in the form of money is invested in capital in the form of raw materials and tools and labor-power, which is transformed — by the squeezing of actual labor out of the labor-power of the workers — into capital in the form of the commodities thereby produced, whose increased value is realized through the sale of the commodities for more money than was originally invested, which is the increased capital out of which the capitalist extracts his profits, only to be driven to invest more capital for the purpose of achieving ever greater capital accumulation.”
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2 thoughts on “Simple Economic Truths

  1. What separates the ‘slave economy’ from the capitalist one is the illusion of freedom to join the elite.

    I wonder if you note that the line of thought used by Marx is similar to that used by Nietzsche in ‘Genealogy of Morals’.

    There is one other way for the social revolution to occur: that the people addicted to the products of capitalism rise up to undo the old order and start a new capitalism. To them, it is not a systemic failure but a management failure plus an opportunity to themselves be kings in the capitalist system. This, then, will not be a systemic revolution but a political revolution.

    I disagree with the guy when he says that she did not see the invasion of capitalism into non-capitalist systems within capitalist societies because she said “social strata and non-capitalist organizations”. Perhaps, without the circumstantial text, I can’t speak to the truth, but in what was quoted, she did not limit herself to other areas of the globe. Besides, Marx already remarked on the capitalist destruction of social ties like parent-child, artist-audience etc.

    Capitalism never reached the height that was presaged so it is unjust to criticize her based on the failures of the revolutions. The revolutions were too impatient, they should have waited – “You do not need to slaughter a dog that will eat itself”. Ethically, though, the impatience finds justification.

    The capitalist narrative of ‘freedom’ or democracy is their best weapon for deluding the globe and expanding their imperialism. This is all a creeping Naziism, Hitler never died, Hitler didn’t even have to stay, the Nazis were always there. His was only overt.

    But, as is rightly said “a lot has happened since”

  2. “A blow against capitalist civilization of the past and also against socialist civilization of the future”

    That was a great psychological statement to make notwithstanding the political and economic depth she brought to her readers in that statement.

    Rosa Luxemburg – I like her already

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