9 thoughts on “Thom Hartmann: Conservatives Corrupt Social Network

  1. Dishonesty is always reprehensible. And ends do not justify means. I MIGHT agree with some of the ultimate values/ends, but I cannot agree with dishonest means.They are a betrayal of the ends !!!!!!!! Thus, ultimately, I believe, they will prove futile.
    In any case, I had no idea this particular nonsense was going on, so now I will not trust ratings! And that’s SO sad about Wikipedia, but you know, we can always re-edit. I have done that myself where I had sure, first-hand knowledge that what I was writing was correct. I though a person had to be approved or something, but I discovered with one click I can edit a Wikipedia article. Which makes me all the more appreciative of the level of expertise displayed in so many of the articles!
    Thanks, Ben!

    • Hello, OM! How’s it going?

      Yes, reprehensible. But I don’t know that I was surprised. I assume activities like this are going on. What is surprising is that it’s so organized that they would train people and I assume pay people to do this. It seems to be a professional operation which I assume is being funded by big money.

      Astroturf is the most dangerous threat to democracy. It’s dangerous because it often can’t be seen. From the outside, you may just see the results of it without seeing th organization behind it. Even if you see the organization, It may appear like grassroots activism… until you research it more deeply.

      Most people are just clueless about it. We are all clueless to varying degrees. No one has time to investigate everything. As a society, we are forced to trust eachother to a large extent. Sadly, there are those who will misuse that trust.

      I counteract this kind of thing by doing my own research when I have the time and energy. If it’s important enough, I’ll always look at multiple sources in order to make comparisons.

      However, an operation like this can impact the entire web and all info on it. If the corporations ever gain total control of the internet, we are doomed. Without transparency, there can’t be free speech and free press. And without free speech and free press, there is no way democracy can operate.

  2. “free” press is a misnomer. All media is commercial for profit operations, witht the exception of NPR that “fund raises” which is large patron sponsors. Advertisers and sponsors influence all media, so welcome to the world since Ben Franklin’s times.
    We are all free to choose which media we want to read, listen, watch. But all media is out for money. The hysteria on cutting spending in the federal budget from politicians is to remove their fountain of power, which is wielding our tax dollars as their means to get favorable press,and reward their loyal supporters of federal largesse.
    GE is a major donor to the current administration, and is in the spotlight as the ideal green embracing corporation. Doubtful that is true, but it is certain the GE taxes paid are very green for GE!

    • The problem with your comment is that you’re stuck in an ideological reality tunnel. You just end up spouting ideological rhetoric which has absolutely nothing to do with the post. Your so caught up in your view of things that new information can’t enter into your mind.

      Do you have anything you want to say about the post itself?

      If all you’re going to do is mindlessly rant, then I’ll delete your future comments. I don’t mind differing opinions, but at least talk sense and try to be at least somewhat relevant to the topic at hand.

      Wake the fuck up, buddy! Just drop the ideology for a moment and look at the world with clear vision. Don’t just see what you want to see. Not everything fits into your simplistic ideological categories of govt evil, capitalism good. Sometimes more nuanced is required to understand complex problems.

      Anyway, no matter what one’s political opinion, no moral person would be in favor of the tactics that Hartmann shows in the video. So, for the issue of morality at hand, it is irrelevant whether you are for or against govt. It’s a matter of whether you are for or against democracy, for or against grassroots activism, for or against a healthy society.

      • “for or against a healthy society” all these seem simplistic and of course melodramatic. The post was rather meandering and lengthy. Hartman did not present a clear or concise exposition, and as an orator he will have Joe Biden napping just as our President’s oratory puts most to sleep.

        • Yes, it would seem simplistic to the simpleminded. I’m generally not directing my posts to simpleminded people like you. I can’t be expected to write down to your level of intelligence.

          Yes, I’m sure it seems melodramatic in your cold-hearted demented reality tunnel. It of course would seem melodramatic to someone who doesn’t care about those things I listed, someone who cares more about their own ideology than they care about other people. I realize most rightwingers are some combination of authoritarians, sociopaths, and narcissists. So, realizing you’re a rightwinger, I don’t expect you to understand.

          And I realize that an intelligent, educated person like Hartmann is above your head. It sucks to be you.

        • I noticed that, in this comment, you at least acknowledged the video I posted instead of simply going off on another one of your self-referential irrelevant rightwing rants.

          However, even with your minimal acknowledgement, you still made no rational argument based on facts. Hartmann brought up specific issues with a specific example, but all you could offer were generalities and more mindless commentary.

          Is this your normal way of attempting to have a discussion? Or do you not care about discussion, especially not of the intelligent variety? Either you’re one of the particularly stupid rightwingers or you’re a common variety troll. Which one is it?

          • How about the propaganda comisar take a vote on which camp I have been elected? Don’t think you guys know how the bughouse square rules of debate work. The hobo jungle don’t discriminate, except for delusional self appointed saviors of the North Pole. I belong ot the hobo party, and paid my dues. You fellows won’t be manning the barricades when the snow is blowing. Fair weather coffee house revolutionaries celebrate the image of Che Guevera but don’t want to pay the price. We been beat down, robbed, and laughed at by everyone. Keep trying, but there are more hoboes today thanks to our current government’s help.

          • You’re a funny guy. Do you find that people often laugh at you? So, you take being laughed at, being a joke as a source of pride? Even the most dejected homeless person probably laughs at you when you pass by.

            Just out of curiosity, do you ever say anything intelligible and intelligent? Are your ramblings normally this incoherent? Are you drunk or on drugs or something?

            What is the point of responding to posts with comments that are irrelevant to the posts themselves? Why not make an intelligent criticism of the issue Hartmann brings up? What do you have to gain by remaining ignorant and lost in your own ideological bullshit?

            Also, what is the point of projecting your own delusions onto people you don’t even know? Your ignorance betrays you. You try to judge me, but your judgments are just empty words… and you seem to greatly prize your empty words like a little child holding up a piece of glass as if it were a rare gem.

            I’m just some working class bloke. We all are beat down, robbed, and laughed at. You think you’re special? Give me a fucking break! Why don’t you go cry in your beer and tell the other drunkards about how your mommy didn’t love you enough.

            Anyway, you didn’t answer my question. Are you a particularly stupid rightwinger? Or are you a common variety troll? Which one is it? Unless you answer that question, I will delete all further comments by you.

            The more I read your comments, though, the more I’m starting to think you’re maybe senile or suffering some brain ailment. So, I suppose you’re probably not in any condition to answer rational questions with rational responses. Oh well… I hope you get treatment.

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