The Real Reagan: Stubborn Facts

This post is perfunctorial. I just wanted to gather a bunch of data in one place (videos first and links at the end), but I feel no motivation to analyze any of it or add my own commentary. So, take it or leave it. If you’re so interested, here is the real Ronald Reagan. As he once said, “Facts are stubborn things.”


4 thoughts on “The Real Reagan: Stubborn Facts

  1. The Ricky Ross video was interesting, I think everybody knows about the Contras being supported but not so much about the drug trade.

    • I watched all these videos before posting them, but I don’t recall which one had Ricky Ross. Which one is it?

      I would hope most people know about the Contras, but I’m fairly sure there are many Americans who don’t anyting about it or else know very little besides the name itself. I spend a lot of time reading and even I don’t know much about the Contras. I doubt I was ever taught anything about it in school.

      It’s interesting that you say that that most people probably don’t know much about the drug trade. I’ve always been one to pay attention to alternative media. So, I think the drug trade was the first thing I ever learned about the subject.

  2. Sorry, I meant, I wouldn’t think people knew specifically about the relationship between the Contras and their involvement in drug trading.

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