US White Veteran Terrorist: the MSM that didn’t bark

Here is a story about a terrorist attempt by a US veteran who is white. The story has been conveniently ignored or underreported by most of the mainstream media. I tend to watch the news closely from various sources. I haven’t seen this story in any local or national media. The only media report I was was from RT.

Last week an ex-Army veteran from California was arrested for driving to Detroit’s largest mosque with a trunk full of explosives. Police then found Roger Stockham inside his car, outside the Islamic Center of America with a load of M-80’s and other explosives in his trunk. The mainstream media has ignored this story. Alyona asks Georgetown University Professor Christopher Chambers why the media only cares about Muslim Terrorists.

Roger Stockham arrested with explosives outside major US Mosque. Thom Hartmann discusses the story with Ibrahim Hooper, the director of CAIR Michigan.

please, spare me any suggestions that this guy, Roger Stockham, should not be charged with terrorist offences due to the fact that his explosives were legally obtainable, or “not very explosive”. terrorism is not merely determined by death tolls, it is to create fear among the targetted group (just ask the IRA).

the terrorist who tried to blow up The World Trade Center in 1993 didn’t have anywhere near enough explosives either.

here are some further links for more details:
Detroit Examiner article:

A California man is in jail on a terrorism charge after he was arrested in Dearborn for allegedly trying to blow up the biggest mosque in metro Detroit, Dearborn officials said today.

The suspect was arrested in the parking lot of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn on Monday, while hundreds were inside the mosque that sits along Ford Road, police said. He came to the city because of its large Arab-American and Muslim population, police said.

Read the full story here:

There’s been little discussion by the mainstream media of a California man who was arrested for plotting to attack a mosque in Michigan. Roger Stockham was arrested in the Mosque parking lot with his car packed full of high end explosive fireworks as 700 people attended a funeral service inside the largest Islamic Center in Metro Detroit. Stockham targeted Detroit because it has one of highest populations of Arab-Americans in the country. He was stopped thanks to the diligence of a local bartender who had earlier heard Stockham discussing his violent plans.
This story brings up an important question – and is our poll of the day – what do you think Americans should be more fearful of, an attack by a Muslim extremist or one carried out by a disillusioned non-Muslim American?


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