Generation of Clowns in the Fourth Turning

Here are a few videos that I thought worth posting… along with some of my own commentary.

We need to have more public debate about generations. Demographics are destiny. We have lived through a time ruled by Boomers and part of the shift we’re experiencing is that of the younger generations gaining power.

By the way, not all or even most Boomers were hippies. The fundamentalist backlash and the culture wars were also products of Boomers. Bush is the perfect example of a Boomer.

I’ve heard that some Washington politicians were aware of the Fourth Turning theory back in the 90s when the book first came out. What if some of these politicians decided to use the theory for the purposes of social engineering. The author said that Obama hasn’t been very successful in using the crises to create change, but maybe that isn’t the agenda in Washington. There are definitely those who’d like to avoid change and re-establish the status quo.

I’d point out one factor not considered. The clowns (Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert) are all GenXers. If you’re familiar with the generation theory expoused by Strauss and Howe, you wouldn’t be surprised that GenXers play the role of clowns. GenXers serve two purposes: 1) to push the system over the edge into the Fourth Turning; and 2) to act as leaders to the young generations as we shift into a new era. Whether or not they play their role well is a whole other issue.

Their viewers don’t get their news from Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert. Their viewers are mostly young and mostly liberal, both demographics getting more news from alternative sources than any other demographics. On the other hand, older conservatives are more likely to trust mainstream media which is why they are so uninformed compared to young liberals. The difference might be that viewers of satire realize the entire mainstream media is comedy.

4 thoughts on “Generation of Clowns in the Fourth Turning

  1. Completely incorrect. It is older conservatives who get news from alternative sources — certainly the major “old” meda, which ignored or denigrated the Tea Party, would not be a trusted source for us!
    Um…Katie Couric? Don’t think so. Only those who know nothing about politics beieve the mainstream media.

    As for being better informed, your ego is gettiing in the way. It is young leftists who believe that history began with them. They are also likely to say things such as (after a victorious election) – “Ha! Looks like your party is going the way of the Whigs” — while those of us who know and have lived through history know about the pendulum of politics.

    I stumbled onto the page accidentally and see no reason I would return, but did want to leave a word urging a little less arrogance in the young and a bit more respect for us older politicos — who, as boomers, were once the biggest, most active and influential generataion in U.S. history. (And who are now combining net media and Tea Party activism into the basis of a new way of regarding personal strength and self-reliance.)

    You’re always welcome to join us. If not now, we’ll see you when you maure a bit –we’ve been in your shoes and know how it goes as life goes on.

    • I’m not sure why you’re responding defensively. It wasn’t as if I was portraying my own generation as being perfect.

      I don’t even know why you say I’m completely incorrect. I can only assume you’re basing your opinion on mere personal experience and observation. I, however, am basing my opinion on the data I’ve seen.

      It’s just a fact that, when polled (one source being Pew’s Beyond Red vs Blue), the younger generations state they get their news from a wider range of sources and the older generations state they get their news from more mainstream sources. The data also shows the younger generations are more well educated and more well informed, relatively speaking for their age and relatively speaking to a general population that is a mix of misinformed and uninformed.

      I guess you could argue that all of these people are lying, but I haven’t seen any other data to challenge it. Unless you can offer data to refute my claim, your criticism is empty and meaningless. My ego has nothing to do with it. I’m a man of facts. Show me the facts or don’t, but leave your taunts for the playground.

      I have a number of posts around here about polls and the generations. They shouldn’t be hard to find, but I can point them out to you if you require.

      I’m a GenXer. My generation is now hitting their 40s. I’ve seen many elections come and go. I’m no spring chick. Even the generation directly following my own has gained perspective in their entering the world of politic this past decade. They are, for example, increasingly identified as independents.

      I see no reason for you to return either. I really don’t get your allegation of arrogance. You arrogantly attack my post and my character when I showed no evidence of arrogance in my post. I merely stated the facts and shared some impersonal analysis. I suspect you may be projecting.

      I have plenty of respect for the power of the Boomer generation, but your generation has caused a lot of problems. You’ve collectively held onto the reigns of power refusing to let the new generations to take your place. This has created a stunted and dysfunctional system.

      You are correct that the Tea Party is mostly older people such as yourself. What you may not understand is that it doesn’t represent the future. Tea Party supporters are more conservative than even the average Republican, but the younger generations are completely the opposite in being more liberal than the average Democrat.

      You had you time in the spotlight. It’s time for you to move on and not greedily try to dominate society until your dying breath. If your definition of maturity is the behavior of Boomers, then our society will be doomed if continue to follow that example.

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