Personal and Political Transparency

Here are two interesting videos (the second being a response to the first) about how transparency is changing society and the impact on individuals.

It is an interesting time we live in. Fred (from the first video) mentioned Wikileaks and the idea of a more transparent world in reference to the quote:

“Live your life as if everything you do is public knowledge.”

We do live in a Brave New World. Cameras and video phones are everywhere. Our personal computers have histories that people can look at and search engines record our searches. Credit card companies have records of our purchases. Local news can easily become global news through the internet. Et Cetera.

These videos put into motion the gears in my mind. I have recently contemplated how the changing world is changing me personally. I’ve become aware that I have a different sense of identity than I did when younger. I spend so much time watching news and personal videos by people from all over the world. I interact online with people from diverse locations and backgrounds.

This is creating in me a more global sense of identity and community. On a visceral level, I have a stronger sense that what happens elsewhere does matter to my own life. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but Wikileaks has clarified this for me. With all the media drama and all the YouTube responses, I can sense a real global sensibility emerging among the younger generations. More transparency seems to translate into more sense of connection.

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