GRITtv: Patrick Hennessey: Refighting Old Wars

I thought this was perfectly symbolic of America’s role in the world. The US government putting bases all over the world, attacking countries sometimes with little or no good reason given, the military and CIA toppling governments, allying with theocracies and supporting dictatorships when it’s convenient, funding and training foreign military and para-military groups…. and I could go on for pages.

The only difference between the American empire today and the colonial empires of past centuries is that the US government is more powerful and far-reaching than any empire in history. Britain is still a colonial empire. It’s not surprising at all that the British government is the closest ally of the US government.

Britain who has a long history of invading countries predicably supports the US invasion of Afghanistan. Business as usual. The British soldiers just return to occupy the fort in Afghanistan that they built more than a century ago.

It’s not about terrorists or even ultimately about oil. It’s simply about of power.

2 thoughts on “GRITtv: Patrick Hennessey: Refighting Old Wars

  1. I think there was a request to put up a base in Ghana too. Or am I mistaken? Perhaps. Still, the US is annoying and it’s you the people who suffer from the world’s hate when you aren’t even involved.

    • As an American, I wish there was something I could do that mattered, but I’ve grown cynical.

      I was a part of the protest against the Iraq War. That protest was bipartisan including Ron Paul libertarians, anarchists, socialists, liberals, social justice Christians, and various kinds of pacifists. The protests were going on in countries around the world. It was and still is the largest protest movement in US and world history. There has never been a louder statement of public outrage, never been a larger populous uprising.

      But what good did it do? Other governments and international organizations were telling the Bush administration to not go to war. Everyone was telling them to wait for further investigations to confirm or disconfirm allegations of WMDs, but Bush refused to wait. The truly evil part is that the US government thought Hussein had WMDs because we had sold him WMDs in decades past. It was US made WMDs that Hussein used against his own people. Even so, there was absolutely no evidence and no expert opinion that Hussein still had any WMDs or capability of making WMDs. It was all lies and propaganda.

      It doesn’t matter what the American public wants. It doesn’t even matter what people or governments around the world wants. Those who control the US government will do whatever they want and no one can stop them.

      If the US government hadn’t been meddling in Arab countries for the past half century or so, there wouldn’t be any Arab Islamic terrorists who want to attack us. What good did it do for us to fund, train, and arm the Mujadeen and some say bin Laden himself? What good did it do us to fund, train, and arm Hussein? What good did it do us to overturn democratically elected leaders and ally ourselves with oppressive theocracies like Saudi Arabia (where, by the way, most of the 9/11 terrorists came from)?

      I just don’t get it. Those in power don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything other than their own profit and power.

      I sometimes have hope that the internet might be able to shift the power somewhat back towards the American public. Knowledge is power and propaganda isn’t as effective when there is so much information technology. However, those in power would love to get control of the internet. If they do manage to suppress info even on the internet, the only option that will be left is revolution.

      It’s very sad. The American people get fed up with it all and they elect Obama who said he was going to change how Washington politics are done. What does the American public get? Just more of the same.

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