More Evidence Against the Bush Administration

Just when I thought I’ve heard the worst, more and more evidence comes up about the corruption and immorality of the Bush Administration. I’m sure these sociopaths will never no justice on earth. Bush jr better hope he is wrong in believing there is justice in the afterlife.

3 thoughts on “More Evidence Against the Bush Administration

  1. Now it gets rather bizarre. Bush’s ethics lawyer (talk about an oxymoron) is running for Congress … as a Democrat.

    It also goes to show just how similar the two parties have become. The Democrats really don’t care. They are on the side of the plutocrats. They have even given up pretending to be different and to care about the working class.

    • The Democrats are what the Republicans used to be. I keep saying that. But either the Democratic partisans don’t understand what has changed or they are crypto-conservatives who are happy about the right-wing takeover of the DNC. I could create a long list of Democrats who used to be Republicans.

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