Just Punish; Don’t Try to Help or Understand

Here are two videos that show the problem with extreme rightwing thinking. When the world is seen through absolutist morality, everything becomes black and white and every person becomes either good or evil. Taken to the furthest extreme of fundamentalism, this attitude becomes a Manichaean vision of Cosmic War.

It’s what led someone like Bush to think he was on a mission from God and that fighting the terrorists was a crusade. It’s an attitude that doesn’t allow for compromise and makes bipartisanship impossible. If you think Obama is a Commie, a Nazi and/or the Anti-Christ, you don’t seek agreement with the person who you believe is destroying all that is good in America and in the world. This attitude goes back to the beginning of modern movement conservatism. Barry Goldwater, who believed in an unchanging Law of God, said:

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”
(source: “Goldwater and Pseudo-Conservative Politics”, Richard Hofstadter)

What is interesting about this kind of statement is that it resonates with what Muslim terrorists preach.

I was impressed that the guy at the 5:00 mark made a very intelligent and insightful point while everyone else was just trying to turn it into yet another partisan story. I’m always shocked when someone who is actually fair and balanced gets on Fox News.

Is O’Reilly clueless? If addicts are successfully treated, drug demand decreases. If drug demand decreases, the drug black market decreases. If the drug black market decreases, drug trafficking across the border decreases. If drug trafficking decreases, violence against Americans decreases. Conservatives need to look at real data. Dealing with drug addicts directly is more successful & cheaper than dealing with the results afterwards. Like abstinence only education, the Drug war is a failure.

Conservatives need to think of this the way they think about guns. Not all countries with high gun ownership rates have high gun violence rates. A large percentage of gun violence is from illegal guns and so illegalizing or more tightly controlling gun ownership doesn’t by itself solve the problem of gun violence. Similarly, in countries where drugs are legal and where there are easily available drug addiction programs, drug use and addiction are lower than in the US.

America’s Political Confusion

I’ve been reading some books lately which have got me thinking about politics and society. The books in question include: The Eliminationists by David Neiwert, The Authoritarians by Bob Altemeyer, Conservativs Without Conscience by John W. Dean, Bite the Hand That Feeds You by Henry Fairlie, several books by Richard Hofstadter (in particular, The Paranoid Style in American Politics), and several books by Strauss and Howe (in particular, The Fourth Turning). All of them relate to the topic of the differences between the right and left in contemporary politics and how our country has become this way.

What specifically inspired this post are some discussions I was having on YouTube with fiscal conservatives, anarcho-capitalists and libertarians. What I’m constantly amazed by is that those on the right rarely have any understanding of the political views on the left. Libertarianism is understood at a basic level by most politically knowledgeable people both on the right and the left. But socialism is blatantly misunderstood by those on the right (and I’d add by many on the left as well). I don’t think it’s necessarily ideologically-motivated willful ignorance. Some seemingly intelligent and otherwise well informed conservatives will often identify socialism with communism and fascism. One of the rightwingers I was arguing with even claimed to be a B.A. in International Political Economy, but I hope that isn’t true because that would mean there was a serious lack in the quality of his education.

The basic confusion is based in the idiosyncratic and changing definitions in the US of conservatism and liberalism and of how they relate to the two parties. Once upon a time the Democrats were ruled by libertarian-leaning Dixiecrats and the Republicans were the party of Lincoln. Democrats became modern liberals by fighting for civil rights and Republicans became modern conservatives by (with the Southern Strategy) resisting the civil rights movement.

The even more confusing part is that liberalism and libertarianism both have their origins in classical liberalism. Also, libertarianism had it’s beginnings, according to Noam Chomsky, in the European socialist workers’ movement.

The Wikipedia article about socialism mentions anarchism 24 times and libertarian 8 times (mostly in relation to the history and development of socialism). However, it only mentions fascism twice and only in reference to the fact that certain socialists identify fascism with capitalism. Here are a few examples of different versions of socialism that aren’t included in the simplistic conservative understanding: libertarian socialism, social anarchism, libertarian Marxism, syndicalism, anarcho-syndicalism, individualist anarchism, anarcho-collectivism, and anarcho-communism. The last one even proves communism isn’t simply equated with centralized state govt control.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on conservatives considering that many liberals are so confused about liberalism that they even identify as conservatives. Obviously, there are some major problems in our education system and in our mainstream media.

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Sharia Law Is Barbarism, She’s Buried Chest High


thanks for watching…
my original video was taken down for images too shocking for youtube..

sharia law…
she’s buried chest high..
her arms can’t stop the stones that fly..
or wipe the tears that have already dried
for a crime she so persistently denied..
she’s buried chest deep…
the moderates asleep..
no matter how hard she weeps..
worth half of a man…her testimony’s cheap..
Allah subhana wa ta3ala has come up with such a fair rule
dictators of history couldn’t be so cruel..
told by mohammed sallahu 3alhe wa salam..
teaching us allah’s divine referendum..
what becomes of those who have a sip of rum..
drinks to forget or wants to be numb..
or those who play the game of chance..
poker buddies escaping the religious trance..
allah’s prescribed in his merciful script
their flesh be ripped their blood be dripped
at the tip of a muslims whip..
she’s buried chest high..
her arms can’t stop the stones that fly..
or wipe the tears that have already dried
for a crime she so persistently denied..
and this is allah’s eternal reply..
1400 years of backwards law
a tragic flaw of the primitive claw..
the tribe of homosexuals..
koum lot as they say..
sharia is clear on how they should pay..
the price for their gay display
life.. doesn’t matter which way..
abu baker got them with a tumbling wall
ali.. muhammad’s cousin and son in law
had people burned for their sexual call
an entire village .. children and all..
she’s buried chest deep…
the moderates asleep..
no matter how hard she weeps..
worth half of a man..her testimony’s cheap..
apostates .. remember those who have bled
to speak the word Muslims leave unsaid..
killed for the sake of those mislead..
submit now or be left dead..
allah subhana wa ta3ala has come up with such a fair rule
the devil himself couldn’t be so cruel..
she’s buried chest high.. half way deep..
while the moderates are still fast asleep..
while the world stands silent..
her testimony’s cheap…
stones thrown by religious sheep…
witches were burned long ago..
til the flame of freedom began to glow..
and we learned to say the word ‘no’
no ….know that your laws are unjust
not worthy of respect only disgust..
beheading those with a knifes thrust
oh but in Allah we blindly trust…
she’s buried head high
in a heap of stones…
no more crying .. no more moans..
all that’s left is skin and bones..
Allah has come up with such a fair call..
the true justice of sharia law..
by nessrriinn…