PKD’s Exegesis: 2 vol. release in 2011

For any PKD fans, there is good news. A new version of his Exegesis will be released next year.

It sounds like it will be a more complete version and will be published in two volumes. I have a copy of the first publication of the Exegesis (In Pursuit of Valis). It’s a very nice book to own because there hasn’t been much else available, but it only provides excerpts of the Exegesis.

If you’re interested in reading some of PKD’s Exegesis, I posted one of my favorite passages a while back:

PKD on God as Infinity

And here is my favorite quote from the Exegesis:

PKD’s Love of the Disordered & Puzzling

I actually had to develop a love of the disordered & puzzling, viewing reality as a vast riddle to be joyfully tackled, not in fear but with tireless fascination.  What has been most needed is reality testing, & a willingness to face the possibility of self-negating experiences: i.e., real contradicitons, with something being both true & not true.

The enigma is alive, aware of us, & changing.  It is partly created by our own minds: we alter it by perceiving it, since we are not outside it.  As our views shift, it shifts in a sense it is not there at all (acosmism).  In another sense it is a vast intelligence; in another sense it is total harmonia and structure (how logically can it be all three?  Well, it is).

2 thoughts on “PKD’s Exegesis: 2 vol. release in 2011

  1. Well then, if PKD is so big on the mind-numbing paradoxes of the mystic, he is a promising read. I read about his being indigent when alive and depending on friends. Not too significant, happens all through history, living on others, Giordano too did it but he can’t be said to have been poor. It’s hard to pursue the esoteric. Too Baad.

    • As far as I know, there was only one point in his later life where he temporarily depended on friends. It was after he attempted suicide and he for a short time moved in with someone he knew. Other than that incident, he lived off of the money he made from his own writing. He was a very productive writer which he had to be in order to make a living as an SF pulp writer at that time.

      PKD was poor for much of his life. I think he mostly just made ends meet. It was only near the end of his life that he finally began seeing his income increase.

      His poverty was in some ways self-chosen or rather chosen based on his personality. He was an overly sensitive guy and found himself unable or unwilling to stay in college or hold down a normal job.

      As a mystic, it might seem strange that he chose science fiction as his primary mode of communication. There were several reasons. He grew up reading SF which inspired his own imagination. When he was younger, science was more acceptable and more revered than mysticism. So, he put his mystical ideas, insights and visions into the form of SF plots.

      I identify with PKD in many ways. I think it’s safe to say he is my most favorite writer. I’m sure you’d find fascinating his view on life. He incorporated many ideas and was influenced by many different things. Some of his favorite topics were Christianity and Gnosticism, but he also was interested in Eastern philosophy. He studied psychology quite a bit as well and seemed to have had some familiarity with Jung.

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