The Gregory Brothers – CSPAN Interview

Here is an interview with the Gregory brothers (and a wife, Sarah, who is involved in their videos). It’s a fairly interesting inteview for CSPAN. Talk about Old Media meets New Media.

4 thoughts on “The Gregory Brothers – CSPAN Interview

    • What about C-SPAN?

      I don’t have any particular opinion about C-SPAN. I’ve never watched it to any great extent. I just thought that it was an interesting interview considering that C-SPAN is a perfect example of mainstream Old Media.

      I didn’t, however, mean to imply any criticism. Have you heard someone criticizing C-SPAN recently?

    • It wouldn’t surprise me that many people, especially of the younger generations, might enjoy ridiculing C-SPAN. Most people I know of my generation don’t tend to watch C-SPAN or Old Media in general. Personally, I prefer ridiculing Fox News. C-SPAN at least plays the part of being serious journalism.

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