Rand Paul: Racist or Radical?

This video provides a concise argument explaining why Rand Paul is a regressive asshat.

I don’t think he is a racist, but I suspect he might be racialist. If he isn’t either racist or racialist, I’m not sure he is radical either. The argument he proposed has been made many times before… even if not recently among respectable company.

One commenter to this video gave the best answer in saying that Rand Paul just seems ignorant of US history. Not racist or radical, just ignorant. Ya know, just another rich white guy blind to his own rich white guy privilege.

2 thoughts on “Rand Paul: Racist or Radical?

    • I suppose the part that you weren’t sure about was my differentiating between racist and racialist. I think I first heard the term racialist on The Young Turks show. As I understand it, racialism means something has a component of racial prejudice but it’s not consciously intentional.

      In our contemporary society, overt racism has become more rare and yet racial prejudice remains in so many forms. For example, the institutionalized racism of the legal system has been proven by various studies. Even blacks on juries demonstrate racial bias. Most racial prejudice is unconscious. It’s so much a part of our culture that we internalize it.

      Racialists are content with the status quo which includes these hidden racial biases. Typically, racialists are white men who have particularly benefitted from our society is organized. Rand Paul is an example of this. A poor black woman isn’t likely to make the argument Rand Paul made because Rand Paul’s argument is representative of rich white men.

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