Remembering Reagan’s Legacy

I’ve never understood why so many Republicans admire Ronald Reagan. I guess he was likeable in some basic way. In certain ways, he was actually liberal compared to what we hear now from some rightwing pundits, but he certainly was no liberal. He even campaigned on racial fears (“welfare queens” and Willie Horton ads) and by doing so made racial fears a mainstay of Republican politics.

I saw a documentary of his life a few years ago. What I got from it was that Reagan was no genius and he had been played like a puppet by his various advisors. I think Reagan meant well, but he seemed out of touch and his policies have been proven failures.

Still, Republicans go on defending him. I do give credit to the Libertarians in that many of them rightly criticize Reagan’s administration. What is absolutely clear is that Reagan was a social conservative but not a fiscal conservative. George W. Bush was simply the inevitable conclusion of what Reagan started.

Leftofawesome — June 06, 2009 — Part two of me explaining why Reagan was an awful and overrated president.

Ludwig von Mises Institute on Reagan’s big government economics:…

Stop the Drug War on His Drug Policy:…

Noam Chomsky on Reagan:…

Robert Parry on Reagan:…

Christopher Hitchens on Reagan:

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