You Decide: Students’ Education or the Afghanistan War?

rethinkafghanistan — April 20, 2010 — Californias economy is in a tailspin. One in 5 Californians is out of work. Over three quarters of a million have lost their homes. Desperately needed social services have been cut to the bone. Yet residents of our state continue to pay for a senseless war in Afghanistan thats not making us safer a war that has cost California taxpayers nearly $38 billion already.

Last month, facing tuition and fee hikes of over 30 percent, public university students all over California said enough is enough, organized and went on strike. Now these students have a new message: California is wasting tens of billions of dollars on war even while making public education accessible only to the rich.

We cant afford to continue a war that does nothing to make us safer.…

4 thoughts on “You Decide: Students’ Education or the Afghanistan War?

    • You manage to find posts I entirely forgot existed. The number of well educated people in the world is quickly growing. There will be a glut of college grads in many countries. But still some degrees will remain of great value. The university here in town has a large medical college that does a lot of research, an area that should continue to grow into the future. Certainly, the days are gone when any degree at all would ensure a good job.

    • College grads are not coming to the US as often now:

      The other problem is that the economy really stinks and will remain terrible unless there is a serious transfer of wealth from rich to poor.

      • And because of neoliberalism these economic problems are global. National economies have become so intertwined. Economic isolationism is no longer possible, unless the whole system crashes.

        My prediction is the next major revolution that happens will be global. This is because the poor now find that themselves exploited by people from diverse countries. The plutocracy has become transnational and they maintain their wealth in different places around the world.

        It would require global populism to emerge and become organized in order to force what essentially would be reparations. That is essentially what progressive taxation is, reparations by another name. But how does this happen on a global scale where vast wealth is hidden and constantly being shifted?

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