Why I am no longer a Christian by Evid3nc3

This video is an atheist explaining how he lost his faith. It’s long, but I found it worth watching. The guy is very respectful of Christianity and he is far from being dismissive of his past faith.

His example reminds me of Robert M. Price who also began studying with the hope of strengthening his faith. The risk of apologetics is that it uses the methods of the enemy (logic, argument, questions, doubts, intellect, etc). There is a real danger to opening yourself up to any and all doubts and following questions to whatever answers they may lead. This is true for any person, whether religious or not. Intellectual inquiry isn’t for the contented. Questions aren’t for those who wish to remain in comforting certainties.

2 thoughts on “Why I am no longer a Christian by Evid3nc3

  1. What a likeable and sympathetic chap. Thanks, really enjoying this video. I usually struggle with long videos cause I get impatient at not being able to read content quickly, but I might watch at least most of this one.

    As you know, I think questions are always good. Faith that can’t be challenged is a poor thing.

    • The very reason I decided to post this video is because he was so easygoing. He simply shared his own journey without judging anyone else.

      Yeah, I know you like questions. And, as you know, I don’t see questions and faith as in opposition… or at least not when it comes to genuine faith.

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