The Truth about the Original Tea Party

Thom Hartmann is one of the few people in the media who offers real insight. This relatively short video is one of the better examples of historical analysis I’ve come across. The only other media person I’ve seen talk about this same issue is Cenk Uygur who is another insightful commentater outside of the mainstream.

Why doesn’t the mainstream media report important factual information such as this? Are most media people as ignorant as the average American?

It saddens me that Tea Party protesters are uninformed and misinformed, but it’s understandable considering the state of education and media in this country. I take my humor where I can get it. It’s quite funny that Tea Party protesters named themselves Teabaggers without knowing what the term meant. Still, I’m surprised that more of them aren’t curious about American history (and I don’t mean reading rightwing extremists such as Cleon Skousen).

3 thoughts on “The Truth about the Original Tea Party

    • To be honest, I learn so much from my blogs as well. If I didn’t have a blog where I posted such things, I’d probably do less thorough research.

      Believe it or not, I was once one of those ignorant Americans. I was taught in the public schools and graduated with only the most meager of knowledge about the world. I was one of fortunate few who was saved from ignorance. I moved back to Iowa City which is filled with highly educated people and I lived near an excellent sources of books (a public library, a university library, several used bookstores and an independent bookstore).

      Most specifically, I was ignorant of the real history of the Boston Tea Party until I recently saw a video about it (the one by Cenk Uygur). I was amazed that the Tea Party movement had been getting so much support and attention… and yet no one bothered to look at the history of the original Boston Tea Party. They were actualy fighting against tax cuts for the rich. Who would’a thunk? 🙂

      There is nothing wrong with being ignorant. We’re all born ignorant. But I personally find if demoralizing those who embrace ignorance and dismiss facts when they’re presented. Each to his or her own I guess.

    • I every so often catch something from Canadian media, but I’m not all that familiar with the media up north. What do you consider the best media shows? Who are the best news commentaters outside the mainstream?

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