Segregation in 2010!

This is the type of issue that libertarians have no practical answer for. If government was smaller with less tax funding and with less power, incidents like this would happen all of the time and there wouldn’t be anything that could be done about it. If our country had been libertarian from the beginning, it’s possible (highly probable even) that slavery could still exist as it still does exist in some parts of the world.

This incident proves beyond a doubt how easy it is for institutionalized racism to exist even now. Conservatives like to pretend racism limited to the past and so we should act as if it doesn’t exist. Of course, anyone who has looked at the actual data wouldn’t be surprised by this report about segregation. The laws on sentencing drug crimes are notoriously racist in that drugs that are popular among whites get lower sentences. Also, racism is institutionalized in our culture itself. Research shows that juries and judges are strongly influenced by racism (whether conscious or unconscious).

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