Noam Chomsky: An Interview with Barry Pateman

 I always enjoy hearing Chomsky talk on almost any issue. In this interview, Chomsky discusses: anarchism, community, technology, class warfare, wealth transferral, taxation, free market, outsourcing, command economy, totalitarianism, Marxism, neoliberalism, and globalization.

2 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: An Interview with Barry Pateman

  1. Posted elsewhere, but reposted here:

    The reason why Noam Chomsky is so attacked in the American media is because he is one of the few figures who is willing to discuss the US and what it really is doing around the world. That is why the US establishment wants him silenced.

    I encourage everyone to read this article (I’ve quoted below):

    One very common tactic for enforcing political orthodoxies is to malign
    the character, “style” and even mental health of those who challenge
    them. The most extreme version of this was an old Soviet favorite:
    to declare political dissidents mentally ill and put them in hospitals.
    In the US, those who take even the tiniest steps outside of political
    convention are instantly decreed “crazy”

    Nobody has been subjected to these vapid discrediting techniques more
    than Noam Chomsky. The book on which I’m currently working explores how
    establishment media systems restrict the range of acceptable debate in
    US political discourse, and I’m using Chomsky’s treatment by (and
    ultimate exclusion from) establishment US media outlets as a window for
    understanding how that works. As a result, I’ve read a huge quantity of media discussions about Chomsky over the past year. And what is so striking is that virtually every mainstream discussion of him at some point inevitably recites the same set of personality and stylistic attacks designed to malign his advocacy without having to do the work of engaging the substance of his claims.

    As Noam has courageously pointed out, the US is not there for the good of the world or any illusions of democracy, but to enrich the corporate world.

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