Democrat Corruption? Liberal Scandals?

I’m an unrepentant liberal with strong interest in liberal views and interests. I do, however, go out of my way to try to see the world from other views as well. I check out the views of anarchists, libertarians, Tea Party protesters, rightwing bloggers, intelligent conservative news (such as Wall Street Journal), etc. I even stay moderately informed of what comes from Fox News reporters and pundits.

Still, I’m biased and I don’t hide my bias. Despite my liberal rants and complaints, I do believe that truth matters more than ideology. I consider my liberalism as more of an attitude than a specific position on political issues. I want to be fair and I try to be fair… but am I being fair?

I’ve recently noted many scandals involving Republicans and conservatives in general. Just this past week there has been some doozies. In order to be fair, I was trying to think of what recent major scandals have involved Democrats and liberals in general. Over the past year, there has been endless criticisms of supposed associates (past and present) with people deemed by rightwing pundits as socialists, communists, terrorists or whatever. These allegations have had some real world impact on the careers of certain people, but they’re not exactly scandals on the level of it being revealed that Bush covered up the fact that many Gitmo detainees were known to be innocent.

The two biggest alleged liberal scandals involved ACORN and the Climategate e-mails. However, both of those incidents were investigated and officials determined that no illegal or immoral activities happened with either. The real scandal about ACORN turned out to be the guy who made it all up by editing and splicing video. His moral character was made evident when he was caught doing some other illegal activities that sent him to jail for a time (the judge released him but required him to live with his parents).

So, where are the liberal scandals? Ignoring the empty allegations of a socialist conspiracy, where are the concretely proven failures of liberal and Democrat leaders? Am I missing something? Or have Republicans become more corrupt than Democrats?

4 thoughts on “Democrat Corruption? Liberal Scandals?

  1. Are you serious? The Dems are constantly involved in tax evasion, sex scandals, lying, cheating, misuse of the laws in the legislature, and on and on. Name me one person in this adminstration who DOESN’T have a scandal attached to them? The reason it has no impact is, there is a double standard and no one is made to step down.

    Look at the Dems in NH for example. This guy was elevated to Party Chair!

    Most recently Dems there were caught putting out a bogus press release on some group they didn’t like, a total lie. So desperate to smear them.

    And it goes on too.

    • Ray Buckley seems a bit strange, but hardly a scandal. If he were a fundamentalist Christian who campaigned on moral values and/or had a history of voting as a social conservative, then his behavior would be scandalous.

      As it is, the incidents of behavior in the video you linked arejust in bad taste. If you can show me a proven case where he egregiously misused and abused his power, then I’ll feel moral outrage. Going by the evidence you provided, he is only guilty of being a weirdo. But if the people of New Hampshire like someone who is openly a weirdo, far be it for me to crticize the people of New Hampshire for apparenlty liking a politician a bit on the peculiar side.

      As for the “bogus press release”, I assume you’re speaking about the Tea Party group and the ‘white pride’ celebration. I looked at several reports about it, and there are only a few facts that are clear.

      The press release supposedly never said the Tea Party hosted or was responsible for the ‘white pride’ celebration. It’s claimed that there were some people at the ‘white pride’ celebration who self-identified as part of the NH Tea Party Coalition. The NH Tea Party Coalition has denied these people are official representatives of their organization, but they didn’t deny these people were members of their group or participants in their protests.

      Someone in this Tea Party group is threatening to sue, but hasn’t. If they don’t sue, it looks suspicious because it would mean that in a court of law it might be proven these people were associated with their group. When there is a court case or an official investigation, I’ll take your allegations of ‘scandal’ seriously.

      Anyways, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that some Tea Party activists are racist. A recent poll came out that showed a large percentage of white Tea Party supporters hold racist/racialist views.

      So, that is the best you can do? Bush lied to start a war, illegally tortured people, and covered up the fact that many Gitmo detainees were known to have been innocent all along. Republican politicians and conservative media jumped all over Climategate and the ACORN incident, but it turned out to be to be proven bogus through official investigations. Fox News has been caught in so many lies and misleading news reporting that it’s no longer even funny. Republican politicians and conservative media have been lying about the health reform bill: death panels, unplugging your grandma, going to jail if you don’t buy insurance, misrepresenting poll data, etc.

      Even more disturbing have been the number of rightwingers committing violence. Republican politicians have been inciting these violent tendencies. Palin says things like “Don’t retreat, Reload!” and creates a map of political opponents with gun crosshairs pointed at their houses. A number of Republican politicians have talked about or shown support for secessionists. Palin was even associated with the Alaskan secessionist movement for years (including having spoken to their group as governor) which is a group that was inspired by a militia guy who died in a plastic explosives deal gone wrong.

      Palin was also associated with an African Christian witchhunter who was practically a cult leader. Many Republican politicians and many of the major religious right groups were involved in using political influence to encourage homophobia in Africa where it has now led to violently oppressive laws.

      Should I go on?

  2. Mr. Steele has good point. If you have no morals, no conscience, no boundaries to what is right and wrong, then it can’t be a scandal. So to use Mr. Steele’s definition of scandal, Republicans are always scandalous when vetted against conservative principles, but democrats almost never scandalous because there is no moral implication to what they do. Your biased approach to this silly argument is just that, silly, and can’t for a moment be taken seriously.

    To be fair and balanced in my comment: politicians are almost all untrustworthy no matter what side of the aisle and the type of scandals don’t have anything to do with which side of the aisle one conforms to. It is a matter of law and public opinion that determines the magnitude of the scandal. Mr. Steele’s definition of scandal and the opinion of the one committing the presumed scandal is arbitrary and subject to public opinion and law only. Mr. Steele has failed to deliver a real and plausible argument to this question other than to say that the rules are different dependent on political orientation. Very prejudicial.

    -Holder in contempt
    -Executive privilege
    -Acorn in the course of an election and beyond
    -John Edwards
    -…and there’s more

    I encourage Mr. Steele to report the numbers of tea-party racists. Show me the data, sir. Support the statements with more facts that are believable. Only liberals would read into this garbage without asking for the evidence. Until then, it is vile garbage. But as I said before, Mr. Steele is free to label tea-party members as such merely because he finds them contemptible based on your own ideals. Bottom line, Mr. Steele’s reverse discrimination is the very thing he accuses Republicans of. He is no different than the people he accuses.

    Should I go on?

    • Actually, I’m not particularly interested in defending Democrats. I’m not a Democrat nor have I ever voted Democrat. All my point was that Republicans tend to be more overtly hypocritical. It is their hypocriticalness that turns so many incidents into scandals.

      By the way, the only scandal involving ACORN was the lies perpetrated by conservatives. ACORN was proven innocent and the scandal-mongers were proven guilty. Those are the facts whether you like them or not.

      As for the facts about the Tea Party, here it is:

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