Are Republicans Evil?

“When fascism comes to America, it will be draped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
 ~ Halford E. Luccock

There has recently been revealed scandal after scandal within the Republican party. The scandal involving the Bush administration and GITMO can only be interpreted as war crimes. If any politician ever was evil, it would either be Bush or one of his crony friends.

Now, there is yet another scandal involving Republicans. Is there no depth of depravity that rightwingers won’t descend to?

8 thoughts on “Are Republicans Evil?

  1. Yes, Republicans are evil. They are propagandists. The facts are not on their side, so they resort to fake news programs like what Rush Limbaugh and Fox News provide. Republicans detest “political correctness”, because it inhibits their ability to be racists, sexists, and religious bigots in public. Of course they oppose political correctness, since their entire ideology is both politically and factually incorrect.

    • To be fair, my comments were directed at Republican politicians in Washington. I’m sure many average people who vote Republican aren’t necessarily evil. 🙂

      But politicians are politicians. There are some Democrat politicians that are annoying. It’s just that there is something so blatantly offensive about some Republicans. Democrat politicians will at least pretend to stand for the poor and the working class (even if they don’t really mean it), but many Republican politicians are completely open about their being in the pocket of big business.

      There is something about sincerity as well. I never believed Bush was being upfront. There was always something devious about his manner and it seemed like he was putting on an act. I’m critical of Obama’s policies, but I sense that he actually means well even if he sometimes fails in his execution. Yes, Obama got corporate money just like any other politician. It’s just that I sense that he wants to do the right thing.

      Now, rightwing pundits are a whole other breed. I sometimes think they’re worse than politicians who are puppets of corporations. The pundits have the power to change worldviews in a way a politician can only dream of. Politicians realize they have to suck up to pundits such as Beck and LImbaugh because if they don’t their careers can be destroyed.

      Beck is mentally disturbed, but at least he sort of means well in his own demented way. Limbaugh simply lacks a conscience. Limbaugh has power to influence and he knows it. Unlike Beck, Limbaugh isn’t pretending to be a good Christian.

  2. Ien Carlson is a retard of epic proportions. You have no idea what Republicans think outside of the HuffPo, NYT, and various other news outlets that offer only one view. You are correct that we detest political correctness basically because we believe it’s a crock of shit. We believe in honesty and calling a spade a spade. I can’t speak for politicians on that, because they are that, politicians. Your assertions of sexism, racism, and bigotry are fucking ridiculous. I would love to meet you sometime to either discuss an opposing discourse between us civilly or, otherwise, to punch you in your stupid face.

    • I live in the Midwest, but I spent many years when I was younger in the Deep South and the Bible Belt. I know Republicans and conservatives in general fairly well. In fact, my parents are Republicans. They aren’t evil. This post was directed at Republican politicians which I clarified in my above comment.

      By the way, I’m just a working class guy with no college education. I’m no elitist liberal or anything.

      As for political correctness, I don’t care much about it. I don’t seek to be politically incorrect just to sound cool, but I’m often politically incorrect. Most of the liberals I know (GenXers like me) aren’t overly politically correct.

      Research has shown Republicans and conservatives are more sexist, racist, etc. The facts speak for themselves. Research also shows conservatives tend to respond to conflict and disagreement with violence such as punching people in the face or shooting abortion doctors. Thanks for being a further example of this fact.

  3. I could make a long dissertation about this, but I think the simple fact that in the last 150 years, only dem’s have even come close to balancing the budget.

    That is not to say that all dems have been totally fiscally practical, but all Repubs shout about their fiscal concern, and with out exception for the last 100 years have considerably increased debt and deficit.

    This translates into all things that they proclaim, because the treat it the same. They like to proclaim many things, but when it comes to the practical portion (governing) they ALWAYS come up short.

    While I was never a great fan of St. Reagan, He would not be duplicitous enough to be a republican today, and Nixon would be a commie pinko fag.

    So as they say, the individuals might bye the BS (And my god the repubs so have lock step down to an art) And the press their policies no matter the subject.. Would you like Chips with that, there free. (That is what is wrong with america, always think that they can get free things, and not have to work for them). Or more to the point — John McCain.

    Sorry just had to give you 2cents (I know since I am not rich you want 1/2 my earnings).

    • In the end, I’m not a fan of the two party system. I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but that isn’t to say the two parties are equal. Even though the Democrats may not defend my interests (i.e., the interests of the average American) all of or most of the time, at least I know they won’t go out of their way to constantly attack the values of working class Americans such as myself.

      If I lived earlier last century, I might’ve voted for someone like Eisenhower. Eisenhower was more liberal than Nixon and Nixon was more liberal than Obama. As you point out, even Reagan was pretty damn liberal (e.g. passed the most major abortion rights law prior to Roe vs Wade).

      Still, both parties are so far to the right of the American public that it stopped being funny long ago. And both parties are corrupt. But someone has to be either rich or stupid to vote Republican these days.

      However, as time goes on, I’m losing what little good feelings I had toward the Democrats. I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that the Democrats and Republicans are simply playing a game of good cop and bad cop. Obama just has to pretend he isn’t a corporate whore because he merely tickles the corporate balls while the Republicans deep throat corporate cock.

      • Here Here,
        We might need an injection of that liberal Europeann influencee, as they are often ahead in the sociall realm. I need a govt that concentrates on the middle the most, the poor need help, and the rich need to be monitored.

  4. But we must note, we have, at least, this priviliage; To say what we think… For how much longer I sutter to wonder, but I hope that is our ‘Saving grace’.

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