Corporatocracy: More Fraud & Corruption… what’s new?

I know the libertarians like to blame everything on the government. But listening to the news it seems clear to me that the government is in the pocket of big business. Of course, it’s more complicated than that. My point is that, if libertarians got their way with less regulation and less taxation of the rich, we would exchange our present soft fascism corporatocracy for an outright fascist state. No thanks!

2 thoughts on “Corporatocracy: More Fraud & Corruption… what’s new?

  1. Maybe we will see what China has to deal with – Gutter Oil in America:

    Considering we are dealing with fake honey, lead in the water supply, and political corruption, I would not be surprised if we see anything similar.

    Maybe there are other things that Americans should be worried about:

    We Canadians should be worried too.

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