2 thoughts on “Mother Of Man Arrested For Threatening Pelosi Blames FOX News

  1. You might be interested in looking at the response to the increasing ugliness of the partisan attacks from one of the leaders of Christian social justice in the US, Jim Wallis of Sojourners:

    “The political polarization of our society has now reached a new and dangerous level. Honest disagreements over policy issues have turned into a growing vitriolic rage against political opponents, and even threats of violence against lawmakers are now being credibly reported.

    Just a few months ago, a deeply concerned, veteran member of Congress called me to express real despair about the alarming level of disrespect, personal attacks, and even hateful rhetoric that was occurring among her colleagues — reflecting a degeneration of public debate in our national culture. This month, another member of Congress called to express real fear about threats of violence he and other elected officials had experienced against themselves and their family members. Political debate, even vigorous debate, is a healthy thing for a democracy; but to question the integrity, patriotism, and even faith of those with whom we disagree is destructive to democratic discourse, and to threaten or even imply the possibility of violence toward those whose politics or worldview differs from ours is a sign of moral danger, and indeed, a sign of democracy’s unraveling.

    Both members are people of faith and were calling to ask for help from the community of faith to lead in this dangerous moment and to begin to help heal what was becoming an increasingly alarming and frightening situation…”

    see http://blog.sojo.net/2010/04/08/a-covenant-for-civility/

    • Thanks for posting that in your comment. I’m on the Sojourner e-mail list and so I came across it earlier. I actually thought about putting it in my blog, but you’re saved me the trouble. Plus, I’d probably have forgotten about it.

      I don’t know when I first heard of Jim Wallis, but I’ve been aware of him for some years now. The first time I noticed Wallis in terms of politics was during Bush’s administration. He mentioned that, during the Campaign, Bush spoke about Christian bipartisanship and listened to people like Wallis. But, as everyone knows, Bush’s bipartisanship was missing in action the moment he stepped into the White House. I think that made Wallis realize the insincerity of those on the right who use Christianity as a political wedge… or maybe he already realized it.

      Once again, Wallis is attempting to reach out to the religious rightwingers, but keeps getting his hand swatted. The rightwingers seem to be saying that Christianity is their religion alone, that anyone who isn’t a fundamentalist isn’t a real Christian as if people like Wallis are the socialist spawn of the Devil.

      I just watched a nice discussion between a conservative Christian and what appears to be liberal Christians.

      The conservative Christian is taking the typical stance of arguing for religious patriotism. He basically says we should love our neighbors by defending them, but he overlooks the other part of military service which includes attacking others.

      In the discussion, the guy on the far right is Shane Claiborne. I just listened to another of his videos. He sounds interesting. I’ll have to listen to more of his message. Claiborne seems to be another one of the social justice Christians that Beck believes are the enemy of God and America.

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