2 thoughts on “Oilmen Fund Anti-Global Warming Groups

    • I’m in the middle of doing other stuff at the moment. I’ll be busy all weekend. I have important writing to do. I probably won’t get around to reading the file anytime soon. Have you read the document? If so, could you share some juicy bits?

      On a related note, do you know of any MSM news outlet that is doing thorough reporting on and detailed analysis of all these numerous leaks? I’m curious if most of this will ever be seen outside of the alternative media, since besides the youth demographic few Americans pay much attention to alternative media.

      I get the sense that most Americans, including well educated liberals, are simply ignorant and clueless about what these leaks show. People don’t seem to realize how bad it is. Maybe they don’t want to know. Those working in the MSM probably don’t want to know either.

      Willful ignorance always bothers me a thousand times more than mere passive and unintentional lack of knowledge.

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