Milk by Barry Yourgrau

Milk by Barry Yourgrau

Posted on Dec 14th, 2008 by Marmalade : Gaia Child Marmalade

by Barry Yourgrau
On a bet a man climbs inside a cow. Once there he decides to stay. The cow’s interior is warm and soft, although very dark. But the man’s eyes get by with the driblets of light that do manage to seep in. Food is no problem: there’s milk and more milk. ‘Fresher than diary fresh,’ the man wisecracks to himself, chuckling, as he pulls off his socks. No need for clothes, after all, so why bother keeping them on? He bundles them up and stuffs them down the appropriate cavity, thinking slyly of how they’ll end up.
Then he lies back and dozes. The movements of the cow, now that’s she quieted down, are lulling. The man’s friends are still out there, beside themselves: every once in a while they band their hoarse voices into a collective shriek of protest – protest from the world of sanity and reality. But their cries grow hoarser and feebler, and then disappear altogether into the milky stomach mucus with which the man loads up his ears. Slowly, with contented grace of a baby, he falls into a deep sleep.
Outside the sun creeps away and the moon climbs up over the pasture. The cow wanders slowly, still cautious in her gait, chewing cud. Finally she sinks with heavy care onto the grass, well away from the rest of the herd. Her large, sensitive eyes brim with concern as she tries to fathom her new fate and responsibility.

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Nicole : wakingdreamer

about 10 hours later

Nicole said

Well, I just had to look this guy up, what a story. He looks like a real original – have you read many of his books?

Marmalade : Gaia Explorer

about 13 hours later

Marmalade said

I’ve only read one book of his which this story comes from. I’ve had that book for years, and I keep intending to buy more of his books. He is a favorite author of mine and a favorite author of my friend. The stories that I’ve read of his are short, but they work perfectly. They capture the feeling of a dream like no other author I know of. And I love the playful imagination.

I offered up this story because it relates to my thinking about all that I enjoy. So this goes along with all those tragic romance videos. This was probably the first story I read by Yourgrau and its what made me immediately appreciate his writing.

I’d put Yourgrau in a similar category as Kafka. Kafka is darker and more profound. However, despite their sometimes light playfulness, Yourgrau’s stories can have quite the emotional impact.

Nicole : wakingdreamer

1 day later

Nicole said

I see what you mean about him being like Kafka but much more playful and light… and why you would enjoy him so much 🙂

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