Comedy Horror Musicals

I’ll sort of keep with the theme of my recent blogs, but lighten up the mood a bit.  One thing I’ve come to enjoy more and more is a good musical.  It was either The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Jesus Christ Superstar that first made me fall in love with musicals.  Even so, I still don’t like the classic musicals to any great degree.

I’m glad that the musical is getting a modernized revival, but there is a particular category of musical that is quite surprising in its popularity.  The category I speak of is the comedy horror musical.  Its about as lighthearted and silly as horror can get and still vaguely be called horror.

Maybe it isn’t surprising at all when considering the modern musical’s origin in opera.  There are plenty of tragic operas, but as far as I know operas aren’t known for their comedy.  In my meager research, it seems that the comedy horror musical was an American invention, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show might’ve been the first.!_The_Musical!_The_Genetic_Opera,_with_Feeling_(Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer)

One other that might be added is Wicked: The Musical. But I’m not sure as I’ve never watched it. Even though its about the Wicked Witch of Oz, it sounds more like a tragic romance story.

Then again, most of the musicals I put in my blog aren’t very horrific. Cannibal hasfew scenes ofpartially realistic ripping and eating of flesh, but its pretty silly for the most part. Sweeney Todd might be the least funny of these, but its definitely over-the-top… althoughmost horror movies are over-the-top I guess. I’ve never watched all of Repo. It looks like it could get a bit graphic.

By the way, you can watch a recording of the entire live performance of Wicked. Its on Youtube and you’ll find it at the link I provided in my previous comment. I just watched it and it doesn’t fit with the others. There is a Wicked Witch, but she is portrayed very sympathetically. I would recommend it thouhbecause it shows what happened before Dorothy ever visited Oz.


4 thoughts on “Comedy Horror Musicals

  1. Wow, thankyou so much for this. Comedy horror musicals are pretty much my favourite thing ever. I love musicals in general, but things like these that are really silly and/or Burtonesque just float my boat.

    I have a request though. Could you possibly write the names of the musicals (and maybe the years to make it easier to find them) underneath each video? Youtube has disabled a couple and I’d love to know if I’ve watched them or not.

    • I’m glad you liked my post. I had forgotten about this post. So, thanks for reminding me of it.

      Some of the musicals I included aren’t exactly in the same category, but they seemed similar enough to be put together. I’m a big fan of Rocky Horror. That is how I fell in love with this genre.

      I sort of fulfilled your requist. No names or years, but a bunch of links. I hope that helps you out. I also put some new videos to replace those that had been disabled. There ya go. Enjoy!

  2. Definitely check out Nudist Colony of the Dead 1991 as well 🙂
    Although I should warn you to stay away from the widescreen remastered DVD as they completely ruined the film, just watch the bootleg VHS transfer that’s found online and you’ll have a real blast!

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