Shooting in a Unitarian Universalist Church

Shooting in a Unitarian Universalist Church

Posted on Jul 27th, 2008 by Marmalade : Gaia Explorer Marmalade
This past Sunday, a man entered a Unitarian Universalist Church in Tennessee and opened fire.  Here is the Associated Press article.  The gunman made the attack probably because UU Churches are very socially progressive.  This is a sad situation, but that isn’t the reason I wanted to blog about it. 

I’ve been a member of a UU Church and I’m proud of how this congregation responded.  Because of their quick response in tackling the gunman, only two people died.  Witnesses say that the first person died in blocking the shotgun blast from hitting other congregants.  The gunman had many shotgun casings on him and there were around 200 people in the church.  He obviously intended a mass killing.  Many people could have died if they hadn’t stopped him after only a few shots.

So often people respond to violence with fear or passivity, but not these people.  UU attracts people who are very pro-active in trying to make the world a better place.  The actions of the congregants seems very representative of the UU attitude towards injustice. 

Over the years, I’ve heard of many shootings described in the news, but it seems rare that the people being attacked respond so quickly.  I’m proud of these people because they refused to act as victims.

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Nicole : wakingdreamer

about 8 hours later

Nicole said

that’s beautiful! very inspiring… thank you

Marmalade : Gaia Child

about 14 hours later

Marmalade said

yes it is

1Vector3 : "Relentless Wisdom"

about 19 hours later

1Vector3 said

Difficulty and danger bring out the best in some folks, and the worst in others. It is good to remember and affirm the former. It will help see us through.

Thanks for the blog !

Blessings, OM Bastet

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