God’s Fake Fakes

God’s Fake Fakes

Posted on Nov 13th, 2008 by Marmalade : Gaia Explorer Marmalade
Here is an excerpt from PKD’s essay titled How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later:

In my writing I got so interested in fakes that I finally came up with the concept of fake fakes. For example, in Disneyland there are fake birds worked by electric motors which emit caws and shrieks as you pass by them. Suppose some night all of us sneaked into the park with real birds and substituted them for the artificial ones. Imagine the horror the Disneyland officials would feel when they discovered the cruel hoax. Real birds! And perhaps someday even real hippos and lions. Consternation. The park being cunningly transmuted from the unreal to the real, by sinister forces. For instance, suppose the Matterhorn turned into a genuine snow-covered mountain? What if the entire place, by a miracle of God’s power and wisdom, was changed, in a moment, in the blink of an eye, into something incorruptible? They would have to close down.

In Plato’s Timaeus, God does not create the universe, as does the Christian God; He simply finds it one day. It is in a state of total chaos. God sets to work to transform the chaos into order. That idea appeals to me, and I have adapted it to fit my own intellectual needs: What if our universe started out as not quite real, a sort of illusion, as the Hindu religion teaches, and God, out of love and kindness for us, is slowly transmuting it, slowly and secretly, into something real?

That perspective is opposite of ACIM.  In the Course, its because God’s love that he doesn’t (that he can’t) recognize the unrealities we create.  But I kind of like what PKD writes.  He seems to be saying that the divine descent into matter isn’t a bad thing.  Either way, you can’t hide from God.  With the Course’s viewpoint, we can’t hide in unrealities because they’re unreal.  With PKD’s viewpoint, we can’t hide in unrealities because God will find us even there.  No matter how you cut it, God will find you out (It almost makes me paranoid).

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1Vector3 : "Relentless Wisdom"

1 day later

1Vector3 said

Here’s my ecstatic version of that paranoia !!

He’s a real mind-stretcher, ain’t he, that PKD !!!?

Love it !!

Thanks for the bunch of interesting blogs !

Namaste, OM Bastet

Marmalade : Gaia Child

1 day later

Marmalade said

I remember having come across that blog post of yours.  Your way of thinking about the matter seems similar to my own.  Presence can’t be limited to anything or excluded from anything. God as Presence is present… in our thoughts and in this world.  If Hell existed, God would even be Present there.

I’m glad you liked the blogs.  I’m not sure what was motivating me.  It must’ve been God’s presence.  🙂

You managed to pick out the most personal of all the recent posts.  That isn’t too difficult to do… just find the one with PKD in it.

I’ve read this essay by PKD many times but I should give credit where credit is due.  A particular blogger reminded me of it and so my blog was directly inspired by his.  My addition was to throw in the perspective of ACIM.  The blogger I’m speaking of is Tim Boucher.  He is a favorite of mine in that he blogs about PKD, conspiracies, Gnosticism and Ken Wilber… sometimes in the same blog.  The blog that inspired this one is titled Fake fakes & God.

1 day later

brianna said

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1Vector3 : "Relentless Wisdom"

2 days later

1Vector3 said

Hi Brianna, welcome to this Community !! There is an Orientation Program in the first two posts here, that will help you learn to get around here. Feel free also to ask me or Marmalade, we like to help new folks feel at home !!

Marmalade, I respond to blogs via an inner call, not always the most personal ones. This one “called” me, haha !!
I will follow up and read Tim Boucher’s blog when I can…. Thanks for “giving credit….” with an interesting link.
Thanks for your words about MY blog and that comment!!!!
If Hell existed, God would not only be present there, God would be the creator of it, and the entire substance of it and all the activity of it, as well. The way I see God, anyway. So in a way, the whole idea of “God” becomes kind of a boring non-issue, from this perspective. Everything one could talk about is God, so let’s just talk about what we talk about! There’s no separate “God” to talk about.

More important, IMO, to talk about Quality of Life….

But, I digress from your topic. Carry on !!!!!!

Blessings, OM

Marmalade : Gaia Child

2 days later

Marmalade said

Thanks OM for responding to Brianna! 

Hi Brianna!  What OM said.

I like this: the whole idea of “God” becomes kind of a boring non-issue.  What a lovely boring non-issue God is.  It is kind of pointless talking about God because you either get lost in abstractions or paradoxes.  All that can really be said about God is what you can say while speaking about something else.

I’m not familiar with what you mean by “Quality of LIfe…”  Okay, I just looked back at the blog you linked.  In reference to this, you mentioned a shift in perception.  I think I understand what you mean.  I’m definitely more interested in this aspect than discussing God, but even so shifts of perception are only slightly less nebulous than God’s Presence.

Don’t worry… digressions are always welcome!  There was no particular topic to this blog… just a mildly interesting product of the random thought generator I call my brain.

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