Military-Industrial Complex: Cycle of Violence, Manipulated Public

During the Cold War era around the world, the US government committed immoral actions or participated in the immoral actions of others. These included the School of Americas, death squads, assassination attempts, coups, puppet governments, and on and on. The two most relevant incidents was our financial and political support of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. This support, of course, included buying weapons for these people (such as the chemicals Hussein used to kill his own population).

So, why is anyone surprised that this led to negative repercussions? People like Bin Laden and Hussein were tired of being manipulated by the US government and didn’t want to be told what to do. They were evil when we aligned ourselves with them and they continued to be evil when they no longer served our purpose, but the US government is far more evil in that it helped put them in power where they could commit great acts of evil. Do you want to fight the greatest evil in the world? If so, you’d have to start with Washington, DC.

What is the US government’s response to the evil they created? They wage massive wars against Bin Laden and Hussein, and in the process go back to the Cold War era methods of nation-building. Before the US attacked Iraq, the country wasn’t a threat nor were there any international terrorist organizations located there. Now, the country is filled with terrorist organizations plotting against the US. We’ve lost numerous American lives and we’ve lost our moral standing in the world. In seeking revenge for those who died in the 9/11 attack, we killed more innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq than innocent Americans have been killed by terrorists.

We are fighting wars that can’t be won and we’ve polarized a whole generation who will grow up to be a largescale organized force of terrorism that will be a threat to the US for decades. Just like during the Cold War, we’re just creating a new generation of enemies to fight.

Why do we or rather why do politicians do this? There are only two possibilities I can think of. You could just consider politicians to be stupid and ignorant, but that seems naive to me. Or you could take the cynical route and consider that it probably is an intentional plan. Even as American soldiers die, corporations with government contracts are making money hand over fist. Eisenhower warned about the Military-Industrial Complex and he apparently was correct. Corporations who make money off of war don’t want war to end because then their profits end. Military spending is the biggest chunk of the budget. In fact, it’s the biggest chunk of the economy in the entire world as the US spends massively more money on our military than all other governments combined.

Right now, some child in Afghanistan or Iraq is watching his mother or some other loved one die during an attack by US soldiers. That child will grow up with hatred towards the US and will join others whose lives were also destroyed by our military. One day, that child will commit some atrocious act against Americans. Right now, some politician or leader is being supported by our military and yet feels resentful at being manipulated. One day, that person will see an opportunity to use his power to do harm to the US. When that day comes, the American public will respond with its usual ignorant fear and the government will start the whole cycle over again… and the corporations will once again make huge profits.

8 thoughts on “Military-Industrial Complex: Cycle of Violence, Manipulated Public

  1. 4 year old article, but the US has decided to ramp up spending on nuclear weapons all over again.

    All in all, the US is projected to spend about ~$1 trillion (2014 dollars), in nuclear weapons.

    Click to access 140107_trillion_dollar_nuclear_triad.pdf

    In truth, this figure is probably an underestimate. If you read the book America’s Defense Meltdown, it will explain everything in greater detail. There will be cost overruns.

      • To be honest, let’s look at the situation.

        The media portrays the US as in a deadlock due to excessive partisanship. Reality is different. Both sides agree about neoliberal economics, transferring money to the very wealthy, about high military spending, and about maintaining an aggressive foreign policy.

        Obviously in the context of the article that I linked, nuclear weapons plays a role in that militaristic society.

      • What’s really interesting about the creation of ISIS is that ironically, how the US played a role in creating it.

        First, the falsified reasons to invade Iraq in 2003.

        The next was that they left a government that actively persecuted Sunni Muslims and in some cases, engaged in ethnic cleansing leaving them feeling disenfranchised.

        Third, after the invasion, they did not really have plans to fix the nation, and chaos reigned.

        Fourth, they are supporting anti-Assad forces in Syria at the same time that they are waging a war against ISIS in Iraq. So they are bombing ISIS in Iraq, at the same time, they are bombing Assad in Syria, only ISIS is fighting Assad in Syria as well.

        This is going to end up becoming a bigger mess than what they created.

  2. Interesting finding. The bulk of the new plants are in the Southern US, with the notable exception of Lawrence Laboratory, which has been around for quite some time.

    • Defense funding used to be spread more evenly across regions of the US. For some reason, Democrats decided to concede to Republican states nearly all defense funding. For example, many of the military bases in the North were shut down. I’m not sure what Democrats gained in giving all this defense money to Republicans, but I’m sure some kind of backroom deal was involved.

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