Daily Show Looks For ‘Good Old Days’

This is great.  Comedians are some of the most insightful commentaters.

There is a video that goes along with this.  Just click the title link below and you’ll be brought to the page on Comedy Central

John Oliver Searches for Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly’s Good Old Days

Cable news rabble-rousers like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly love to rouse their rabble by lamenting the loss of the America they grew up in, an idyllic and simpler bygone era. So, on last night’s Daily Show, John Oliver went looking for these so-called good old days, and it wasn’t so easy. But maybe he just didn’t go back far enough. From what I understand, there was a pretty nice period of time that ended about 250,000 years ago.

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