Tea Party: Ron Paul Libertarians vs Fox News Astroturf

In this first video, Noam Chomsky says we should take the Tea Party seriously because the problems these people speak about are very real.  It’s just that these people don’t understand the actual cause of their problems.

In this second video, Chomsky says:

“The protests are being organized by pretty much the same sectors that are creating the crisis.”

That is something that I’ve noticed.  Without Fox News and Glenn Beck, the Tea Party wouldn’t exist as a popular (not populist) movement.  There is a question, however, that must be asked.  Who runs Fox News?  Roger Ailes is the American president of Fox News Channel and chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group.  What did Roger Ailes do in the past?  He was the media consultant for several Republican administrations since the 1970s.  Roger Ailes used as a campaigning tactic the creation of fake town hall meetings. 

Is it any surprise that Fox News has been caught numerous times reporting larger numbers of people than actually attended Tea Party protests? 
Is it any surprise that Fox News has used footage from other entirely different events to make the numbers seem larger? 
Is it any surprise that Fox News has used its own employees ro encourage Tea Party crowds to yell louder for the camera?

Yes, the Tea Party movement has been taken over by the rich and powerful.  But there were people protesting before Fox News ever took notice.  When Fox News pundits like Glenn Beck were ridiculing Ron Paul, the followers of Ron Paul were trying to create real change in the political scene.

I appreciated the comments by the guy in the last video.  The media only ever presents the crazy people who swarmed the Tea Party when Glenn Beck and friends started promoting it.  It was only at this point that Glenn Beck tried to make nice with Ron Paul… only after having undermined his entire movement.  I have libertarian leanings and I appreciate true libertarians, but Fox News is no friend of libertarianism.

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