Acharya S: Buddha and Christ

If you’re one of those rare people who are intelligent, curious and openminded, then you should find of interest the following.

Newly Updated “The Origins of Christianity”

The link is to a discussion on the forum run by D.M. Murdock (AKA Acharya S).  She is a scholar in comparative religion/mythology (her emphasis being Christianity from an astrotheological viewpoint).

I don’t agree with her scholarly views entirely (I don’t know about her personal views so much) because I tend to look at mythology less from a single viewpoint.  She is a great scholar in her field, but my difference in opinion is based on that I prefer to look at the underlying patterns (archetypes or whatever).  Archetypes (according to Jung and Hillman) are multivalent and so open to many interpretations.  So, despite my love of Murdock’s scholarship, I’ve at times found her conclusions more limited (not that I disagree with her conclusions that often).

I guess it’s that she seems to be in a position to defend a particular viewpoint which her scholarship is a part of.  I, on the other hand, don’t have a dog in the fight… and I just get tired of the fighting in the field of biblical scholarship (it mostly seems like nonsense, nitpicking over details — missing the forest for the trees)… which isn’t to say that I don’t get as irritated as Murdock when someone (such as an apologist) spreads lies and misinformation.  Murdock is very learned and she has strong convictions in what she knows (I respect that).  She suffers no fools, but sometimes she seems too over-confident or something (which causes me to hold her scholarship at arms length).

I’m not sure exactly what it is.  I just sense a difference of attitude between her and similar scholars I enjoy.  Two of my favorite are Jung and Campbell, and both of them seemed primarily curious with little interest in arguing about who is absolutely right.  I think it’s a personality thing.  I prefer people who endlessly consider possibilities and who hold conclusions very lightly (such as Charles Fort or Philip K. Dick).

My point being is that she is one of my favorite scholars even though her personality/attitude conflicts a bit with my own.  It’s important to try to separate out a sholar’s personality from their actual scholarship.  She may be a bit too confrontational for my tastes, but I’m glad there are people like her to aggressively defend a field of knowledge that has for too long been unfairly dismissed.

4 thoughts on “Acharya S: Buddha and Christ

  1. I hope your joking. Acharya S is not a serious Scholar, and her books are mainly regurgitations of books written by others, who are themselves not really Scholars. She also suffers from setting fourth he idea then twisting and distorting information to fit her conclusion.

    Near everything in her first book, “The Christ Conspiracy’, is wrong. None of the similar Saviours lead similar lives in their actual myths, she pulls this from Kersey Graves and Gerald Massey.

    If you examine the Astrotheology you realise it too falls apart. All you need is a programme like Stellarum and you can follow the Stars. Try mappg them along with the Astrotheology, and see what you get.

    • I can tell you’ve either read very little of Acharya S or nothing at all. I’ve generally found that those who are most critical of Acharya S and related scholarship are those who’ve never studied it for themselves and are usually just parroting what they’ve read on the web. She does do original scholarship, but like any scholar she also refers to the scholarship of others.

      “Near everything in her first book, “The Christ Conspirary’, is wrong”

      That is a massive generalization and I’d like to see you try to back up that claim. Anyways, I wouldn’t judge here solely on her first book. It merely introduces her viewpoint. Each of her later books is a direct response to criticisms. One compliment I’ll give her is that she is always willing to interact with her critics and she always seeks to improve her argument.

      What are you referring to about mapping? I’m somewhat familiar with the mapping programme you mention, but what are you implying doesn’t map? Are you talking about the winter solstice?

  2. This is a response to ZAROVE’s critique of “The Christ Conspiracy”. True this is a revised addition of previous published material, such as “Sixteen Crucified Saviors” K.Graves…and the only one I will mention because that one also gets a lot of flack….read it a while ago….after reading this blog….I pulled it out….and if you take a tick sheet and cross reference each mythological savior with historical documented studies, you will find that at least one miracle can be attributed to each…not virgin birth…but, IMMACULATE CONCEPTION-to RESURRECTION…..Not parallel with any one myth…But a composite of all….CATHOLICISM….universal….uniting the myths…stabilizing the roman government……attempting to appease the populace to prevent civil wars….Paganism did not disappear it was repackaged …sorry pagans, you didn’t copyright your myths…If I plagiarized a well known novel….all I would need to do was to destroy all copies of the original and then it would be mine…..but if it were original then there would be no need in burning libraries (Alexandrian)…..Tim

    • Hello again.

      I’ve never read “Sixteen Crucified Saviors”. I’m sure it would be interesting, but I’d rather focus my limited time on more recent scholarship.

      Anyways, I’m already convinced by the view that Christianity has roots in paganism. I’ve read widely enough to know that the evidence is overwhelming. But those who don’t want to believe are rarely open to logic or objective facts.

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