Interesting Stuff on the Web: 12/16/09

Marijuana legalization initiative headed for 2010 ballot, organizers say

They claim to have enough signatures for it to be on the ballot.  Marijuana legalization?  The day that happens will be a day for the history books.  Times they are a-changin’.

You can’t handle the truth

And change is happening for good reason.  Marijuana and the psychedelics are ranked by scientists as being less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes.

I like to believe that truth eventually wins out over lies and deceipt, ideology and propaganda.

Making Cocaine in the Amazon

If you want to talk about a dangerous drug, cocaine is ranked only second to heroin. 

This is BBC video series.  I’ve only watched the first video, but Bruce Perry made a good argument that makes me interested to watch the rest.  The whole process of making cocaine was filmed and Perry explained what they were doing with each step.  It included a lot of chemicals which at the end were dumped into a sluice which flowed out into a river.  Perry spoke of how this work was dangerous to the people doing it and harmful to their local environment, but the local workers don’t make much money from it. 

The reason cocaine is made this way is because it’s illegal.  If it were legalized, workers wouldn’t be exploited, environments wouldn’t be destroyed, and less people would die and be imprisoned by the War on Drugs.  Also, if heroin were legalized, there would be those same benefits but also you’d stop the black market that funds worldwide terrorism.  Yes, drugs are bad… but the results of illegalization and the blowback from the drug wars is even worse.

Joe Lieberman Not The Man He Used To Be On Medicare Buy-In

Breaking news!  A politician acting like a politician!

Hackers Brew Self-Destruct Code to Counter Police Forensics

The endless war on privacy.  Hackers and the average person VS big government and big corporations. 

The new socialism

I wonder… do the rightwing fear-mongerers ever look in the mirror and start laughing at themselves?  They claim to be against big government and yet are for the biggest government expenditures such as military and prisons.  Recent history shows that, starting with Reagan, Republican presidents left office with the nation being in greater debt (which wasn’t true for Democratic presidents such as Clinton).  Fiscal conservatives?  Where?  I’d like to meet one.

Oral Roberts, Evangelist, Dies at 91

Does this mean that the era has ended of the ‘moral majority’ as represented by these money-grubbing televangelists?  The evangelical right held great power for many decades.  I’m not necessarily against evangelical Christianity, but maybe the evangelical left can take the reigns of power again and refocus the ‘moral majority’ back on moral issues that matter to the average American (poverty, education, etc.).

Diane Rehm interviewing John Grisham

They mostly discussed his fiction, but they also talked some about politics.  I didn’t know much about him prior to this.  Apparently, he was a successful lawyer and politician before changing his career.  It was because of this that I thought his political views (although not described in detail) were worthy of consideration.  There was one particular comment that stood out.  He thinks that the U.S. political system has stopped being a representative democracy… which so happens to be my opinion as well.

Lovecraft’s Longing – Part Two

Here is the second article (the first part is more introductory) that Matt Cardin recently wrote (although he has written about Lovecraft in his blog as well: the teeming brain).  I every so often check out Cardin’s blog and noticed a post about this article.  There is nothing particularly special about the article besides Cardin being a knowledgeable bloke and Lovecraft being an interesting topic.

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