Interesting Stuff on the Web: 12/15/09

Sports Illustrated puts Stephen Colbert on cover

Probably the best thing that has been in the new recently… and I’m not sure if that makes me happy or sad…

This Is Your Brain on Music

A decent article about neuroscience… I always enjoy reading about neuroscience.

Murals found at Mexican excavation depict everyday life of the Maya

There is nothing so entertaining as new scientific discoveries about a doomed empire.  Makes one wonder about what we’ll be leaving for furutre archaeologists.

Efforts under way to make Web more accessible

An article about a topic most people rarely (if ever) think about.  The internet, as it’s designed, brings up all kinds of problems and obstacles for a large number of people with disabilities.

Who Should Pay for Health Care Reform – the Rich or the Richly Insured?

I don’t know.  Why don’t we just get it over with… kill and imprison all of the poor and needy.  That will make the conservatives happy, won’t it?  Afterall, Obama is trying to be bipartisan.

Left Out in the Cold at the Climate Talks

All the stuff going on at Copenhagen… it’s nice to see so much attention from the world, so much attention in fact that people are having a hard time getting into the conference.

We must combat climate change

I like to imagine the climate change deniers trying to refute reality as the waters begin rise around them.  Is it too cynical to hope that all the climate deniers will be vacationing on the coastline when a gigantic tidal wave will wash them all out to sea?

Anti-climate change, anti-human

There is no nihilism like the nihilism of a 9-year-old. “Why should I bother,” one of them recently demanded of me, when he was presented with the usual arguments in favor of doing homework: “By the time I’m grown up, the polar ice caps will have melted and everyone will have drowned.”

There is a surprising similarity between some Americans and the average 9-year-old.

Most back a treaty on global warming

Most Americans want action on climate change… as long as it doesn’t ‘hurt’ the economy.  Oh, what a fantasy world Americans live in… wait, I am an American… why don’t I get to live in a fantasy world too?

Palin’s own ‘Climate-gate’

Speaking of 9-year-old mentalities…

Oh, the silly anti-intelligentsia.  They would almost be funny if they weren’t so scary.

Christian Group Launches New Attack on Christmas Commercialism

Well, I’m fine with that if it means the far right will temporarily stop attacking science.

Group’s Census promo called ‘blasphemous’

Tying the census to Jesus’ birth… I find that kind of funny.  I mean, afterall, it is true (if you literally believe the Bible) that Jesus’ parents submitted to the census.

Deal announced on missing e-mails

Hmmm… “22 million e-mails that were missing during the Bush administration because of poor labeling and other technical problems”… yeah, right… (more to this story to come)…

British court issued Gaza arrest warrant for former Israeli minister Tzipi Livni

Too bad no one has tried this with Bush jr and his buddies.  I can console myself with the thought that such a thing is theoretically possible.

Impunity or Accountability

Does anything ever change (other than the climate)?

Is there a ‘Morning-After Pill’ for ObamaCare?

How pathetically sad!  Are some Democrats so desparate as to support a proven failed policy?

Even Bigger Than Too Big to Fail

If the goal is to reduce the number of huge banks that taxpayers must rescue at any cost, the nation is moving in the wrong direction. The growth of the biggest banks ensures that the next bailout will have to be even bigger. These banks will be more likely to take on excessive risk because they have the implicit assurance of rescue.

[…]  These provisions still seem vulnerable to being gamed. The Senate, which is unlikely to pass its version of the deal until next year, should explore more direct measures, like banning banks beyond a certain size, measured by their liabilities.

If we have learned anything over the last couple of years, it is that banks that are too big to fail pose too much of a risk to the economy. Any serious effort to reform the financial system must ensure that no such banks exist.

Yes, thanks for stating the obvious.

Did You Hear the One About the Former Scientist?

Intelligent humor?  Maybe there is hope for humanity afterall.

A Deluge of Data Shapes a New Era in Computing

Heck, I’ll even take good ol’ practical intelligence.  May the intelligentsia forever outnumber the anti-intelligentsia!  Yeah, I’m talking to you Beck and Palin!  (Come to think of it, I think Beck and Palin would be right at home with the Cambodian killing fields where all of the intelligentsia were murdered en masse.  I should start a new campaign proposing the plan of sending the conservative anti-intelligentsia to Cambodia, but the Cambodians might take offense… scratch that idea.)

Thank You, Professor, That Was Putrid

Thank God for academia!  Even when at its silliest.  While I’m at it, thank God for black-metal music and rock and roll… and Elvis Presley, The King!  Thank God for democracy and the liberal impulse in all of its variety!

Onetime Nevada Brothel Could Become Conservationists’ Oasis

May the symbol of (true) libertarianism become the symbol of liberalism!  Imagine that.  If libertarianism and liberalism were to combine forces, the GOP would be utterly doomed.  Let the Republicans have their fundamentalist moral conservatism and let them remain stuck in the 20th century.

Poll Reveals Depth and Trauma of Joblessness in U.S.

Life is tough.  What more can be said… besides the fact that the rich don’t give a damn (yeah, Beck lead that revolt and see where it gets you).

The Jobless, in Their Own Words

It’s always interesting to hear average people speak about their lives and about society as they see it.

Obama’s Christian Realism

My oh my, that was quite insightful!  I do sometimes wonder what Obama might be capable of when he gets pushed up against the ropes.  Could a righteous liberalism be reborn from the smoldering memories of JFK’s assassination?

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