Interesting Stuff on the Web: 12/12/09

Let me begin with a cute animal video.

Now, for some important stuff…

Gen-X woes… nothing too surprising there, but it’s a nice take on the present socio-economic situation from the Gen-X perspective.

Why is everything better with zombies?

What if the internet breaks?  That possibility is scarier thant the Christian Apocalypse.

Until the technological apocalypse happens, we can enjoy the media talking about all of the wonderful technologies being invented. 

But I always wonder about one thing.  These wonderful technologies are always being developed in labs, but I want to know why I don’t have them.  Considering how much technology has changed and improved, why does the average computer look and operate about the same as computers did a couple of decades ago.  We have better screens and faster internet connections, but surprisingly little has changed in the mainstream computer market.  It seems that much of the interesting developments have been in the areas of entertainment and social networking rather than with the actual hardware of the average computer.

It seems like Google is always doing something new.  I’m not sure whether to be impressed or scared.

Indian scientists detect signs of life on Moon… nothing more need be said.

Very strange lights over Norway which as far as I know haven’t yet been explained.

Wall Street Reform.  If Obama wanted to accomplish one thing that would distinguish him from Republicans and from Bush jr, I think this would be the issue to aim for.

Newspapers from around the world collaborate in speaking out for taking action on climate change.

Sarah Palin in a climate debate with Al Gore.  I’d love to see it.

Dystopian science fiction writer discovers dystopian reality on the US border.

It may not be good for my mental health, but my endlessly fascinated by the far right.  In this last century, they’ve played quite a role.  But the history goes further back.  Even Lincoln was assasinated by John Wilkes Booth who was a racist and southern sympathizer during the Civil War.  The Civil War was all about states rights, seccession, revolution, and general rightwing libertarianism.  The racism is less strident now, but it still exists.  Many southerns to this day remain proud of the south’s role in the Civil War.  Rebel flags are still openly seen in South Carolina, and some of the South Carolinian politicians are openly supportive of this kind of extreme rightwing libertarianism.

Here is the 1st part in a several part series.  It’s about the recent increase in rightwing ideology and activism… which it should be noted even during the Bush administration the government saw this sector of society as a potential threat.

Deradicalization… I hadn’t heard of this.  I wonder how similar they are to the deprogramming groups that were popular during period of cult fears in the 80s and 90s.  This article was about US homegrown Islamic radicals, but has anyone considered using this on Christian and other rightwing radicals?

New federally financed drug research reveals a stark disparity: children covered by Medicaid are given powerful antipsychotic medicines at a rate four times higher than children whose parents have private insurance. And the Medicaid children are more likely to receive the drugs for less severe conditions than their middle-class counterparts, the data shows.

That is extremely sad, but it’s just another one of those things that doesn’t surprise me.

Since I began with a cute kitty, I’ll end with smart monkeys.  Scientists discover monkeys use language.  Yeah!

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