Bill Maher on Obama

I totally agree with Maher’s view on Obama.   I wish Obama was more liberal and more tough on big business.

In a recent post (The Authoritarians and the Bush Family) I wrote about the views of Russ Baker.  One thing I meant to mention was that Baker thinks Obama is either (intentionally or unintentionally) essentially the same as Bush on many of the major issues.  Baker pointed out that this isn’t to say that Obama is part of some conspiracy, but it’s simply that the powers that be are so institutionalized and so well established that it may not matter who gets elected president. 

Between the CIA and big business, a president is constrained by so many power players behind the scenes that have enormous influence.  A president has the choice of playing along with these covert forces or else become impotent in trying to get anything accomplished. 

The far right is worried about socialism.  What they should be worried about is some form of fascism.

All of this isn’t conspiracy theorizing.  It’s simply looking at the facts and realizing that there is more going on than what is presented in the news.  The nefarious history of the CIA and big business is there for anyone who wants to know.  It’s not esoteric knowledge.  Just spend a few months doing detailed websearches and buy a few select books, and the obvious will become apparent to you.

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