Head in the Sand Syndrome

I was just perusing the blog posts about the e-mail scandal known as swifthack or climategate.  There are so many people unable or unwilling to face the scientific facts of the truly dire situation we humans face. 

What is the cause of this head-in-the-sand reaction?  Anti-intellectualism?  Scientific illiteracy?  Or just plain old fear of reality?

It’s not just about global warming/climate change.  Species are becoming endangered or going extinct at a faster rate.  Worldwide human population keeps increasing.  Clean freshwater is turning into an ever more scarce resource.  Certain important ecosystems such as coral reefs could entirely die out in the near future.  There are massive deadspots in the ocean and massive ozone holes.  The world’s ice is melting, ocean levels are rising and there is erosion of topsoil.  The numbers of people sickened and killed by pollution-related diseases is high.

Assuming one could somehow absolutely disprove global warming with hard scientific facts, that is just one of many problems we face.  Wake up to reality, folks!

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