The Nines: videos of or about

Here are some videos from one of my favorite movies.  If you like weird thought-provoking films, then this will definitely satisfy.  The Nines reminds me of several movies related to the topics of forgetting and remembering, perception and reality… but I think the mood is closest to the playfulness of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind which is another great movie.

If you haven’t seen The Nines and plan on seeing it, you might not want to watch all of these videos.  The last three are scenes from the movie which give a fair amount away.  But even if you watched all of these videos, the movie still probably would confuse you a bit on first viewing.

11 thoughts on “The Nines: videos of or about

  1. Have you had that experience of remembering something you thought you forgot spontaneously? It’s like reaching into a bottomless pit and finding what you dropped in.

  2. Spontaneous remembering? I’m not entirely sure I know what you’re talking about. The closest thing I can think of is having an experience and remembering I’d that experience before. I could only recall the past experience in context of the new similar experience and so it was a state-dependent memory of a specific state of experience. It’s hard for me to remember these experiences later on.

  3. I mean you’re just there, inert state of mind, inert surrounding then a thought comes to mind and you find that ‘oh, I forgot that completely, it was such a remarkable time’.

    The other is what you pointed out where a forgotten experience surfaces by a state similar to that older one.

    It is even strange to me what I’m saying but I still am almost sure it happens though seldom.

    It looks like the problem is not with something larger than natural life, to me, for most people. The Abrahamic God seems to rather be the problem. Mysticism might not be the problem, it looks like theism rather is.

    What do you think?

  4. I’m sure I’ve had various spontaneous rememberings as you describe, but I can’t remember them offhand. I’ll have to wait for some unpredictable future moment when I’ll remember them spontaneously and then I’ll get back to you. 🙂

    So, what is the exact connection to the second part of your comment? Am I correct that in your mention of God you’re referencing the main character from the movie?

    From a Gnostic (or a Platonic) view, the god worshipped by most people is the god of this world. This demiurgic deity doesn’t create himself. He doesn’t even create the world, but simply manipulates what was already there and then rules over it. This false or inferior god doesn’t remember his own origin and so doesn’t realize that he too is a creation.

    I find aspects of the Gnostic view appealing. The Gnostic view also relates to the problem not being “something larger than natural life”. Some Gnostics believed the Kingdom is all around us rather than being in Heaven.

  5. You know, it was just a routine check of your blog and the part about remembering/forgetting caught my eye. Actually, I’ve never seen the video but hope to.

    The second part was due to another blog I stumbled upon; pullmanwainfoaboutjesuschrist.wordpress. What a long name! The post of interest was ‘Proof of God’s existence’. I use mobile internet so adding the links is out of my reach. Bear with me on the manual stuff.

    Check it out, I know you will make meaningful contribution.

    • I went to the blog you mentioned and I commented. I almost didn’t comment at all because the author just seems like a extreme fundamentalist.

      I’ve learned you can’t have intelligent discussions with that type of person. Even if they’re an intelligent person, they’ll simply use their intelligence to run around in circles while ignoring all facts or else manipulating the data to their preconceived conclusion.

      Fundies are absolutely committed to their faith. They have nothing better to do with their time than to proselytize to you. That is their entire life and they won’t concede to any point you make.

      On rare occasions, I’ve found a literalist Christian worth debating. But it’s extremely rare. The problem is that even the more open-minded literalists aren’t going to be open-minded enough to actually take seriously any criticism a non-literalist offers them. What is more fun is watching two literalists of different traditions have hissy fits about who is right.

  6. As I wanted, you made that meaningful contribution and I am grateful you did.

    Everyone is so certain. I wonder how they are able to be so. It does help in having a belief as it gives easy hope. Its not that like mine where you believe something more, borne from uncertainty which is doubt, but no clue of that something exists and holding on is actually floating because you reach for something you don’t know. Maybe the belief subs for it.

    From the start, that post made some nice skeptic statements then went all certain. To me, he was making his convictions known and going from start to end it is just a statement of belief.

    He chose putting a divine being in to solve the uncertainty. That’s fine but his certainty was unacceptable.

    • It could’ve been an interesting discussion. But the author immediately went into apologetics mode which is just boring and pathetic. The argument at the beginning of the blog presented sincerely in that it seemed the author actually believed rationality mattered rather than being a sophistry game. Taken as a philosophical position, it could’ve been an intelligent debate. Instead, the author in his first response blames Satan. Thus, intelligent debate ended before it began.

  7. I’m back with another: The post in question is ‘Miracles. What are they?’. Hope you decide to contribute.

  8. I went to look at that blog post. I’m tired at the moment and am preparing for bed, but I’ll check it out again later. Is there a particular reason you’re looking at these religious topics? Or are you just randomly looking at blogs that catch your attention?

  9. Its Jungian, coincidence. I see many but the interesting ones are curiously religious but its nothing significant.

    I think also I’m esp interested in transcendence at the moment though, religions are self-righteous. But true transcendentalists are in short supply.

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