9/11: Alex Jones & Noam Chomsky

An interesting thing about 9/11 is that people were talking about it before it happened.  The Bush administration was warned it would happen, but the warning was ignored.  A reporter even visited Osama Bin Laden before 9/11 and the reporter said that he had spoken about the upcoming 9/11 attacks.  Even more interesting is that the US government has a history of false flag operations including plans for such operations that supposedly are similar to the 9/11 attacks.  Aaron Russo said that a member of the Rockefeller family told him that 9/11 would happen.  William Cooper predicted a terrorist attack and predicted that Osama Bin Laden would be the scapegoat.  Alex Jones also made the same prediction.  This was all before 9/11.

I’m not a big follower of the 9/11 Truth Movement.  I’m too cynical to believe anything is going to change or that the government will ever say anything true about anything of significance… well, occasionally they do.  Let me just say that I’m not holding my breath.  Anyways, I just wrote all of that out as an introduction to some videos.

The first videos are of Alex Jones and I can’t say I’m a big fan of his.  He’s a bit loud and brash which can get annoying after a while.  He is fairly intelligent, but ranting seems pointless.  I realize though that if he didn’t rant then he would be ignored.  Ranting is a way to get attention.  Criticisms aside, the ideas of Alex Jones are worth listening to and from there you just have to make up your own mind.  I wanted to share these two videos because they’re clips from two of my favorite movies: Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.  His ranting works quite well in these movies.

Opposite of Alex Jones style of ranting is the calm intellectuality of Noam Chomsky.  Jones even interviewed Chomsky once, but it didn’t really go anywhere because they’re on two different wavelengths.  I generally prefer Chomsky, but I’m critical of his opinions about the 9/11 Truth Movement.  Here are some video responses to Chomsky.

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