RE: Stand, Bend, Fall

Stand, Bend, Fall by monarc7

‘Stand for nothing, fall for anything’.

To truly stand for nothing means a person of no belief at all. Then you say fall; a too hard word with that premise. Once you fall, you have given self wholly. You fall and with that you stand. Paradox. Unless my understanding of the maxim is skewed. No belief means you cannot fall, you cannot attach, you cannot align strongly. You are especially undecided even on the sanctity of life.

Heartless is easily the description for the person.

Standing for something, anything at all costs isn’t a noble ideal.  Falling may be judged a weakness by society, but it’s the fear of falling that is the true weakness.

If you’ve never hit rockbottom, then you’ve never seen the ground.  How can you have anything worth standing for if you’ve never seen the ground you stand upon?

Clinging to something in hope that it will keep you from falling isn’t in actuality standing for anything at all.  You can’t stand until you let go.

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