Ann Coulter: Is she really that ignorant and bigoted?

I just watched about 20 random videos of Ann Coulter on Youtube.  That was the first time I’ve watched her for any extensive period of time.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but she was highly disappointing.  Her comments weren’t intelligent or even funny.  She just constantly repeated the same few ideological statements, and whenever she tried to back up her claims with facts it was just silly.  She seemed quite ignorant about the basic issues of politics and religion.  Furthermore, she was incapable of separating her opinions about an issue from the issue itself.  The truth of everything she said was simply obvious to her and she usually refused to even try to rationally explain most of her opinions.  In every show she was on, she made everyone else look smart.

I really can’t comprehend why anyone would take her seriously.  I watched an interview she did with Bill O’Reilly and even he didn’t seem to have much respect for her.  I realize she in some ways is purposely acting like a buffoon, but most of the time it does seem like she actually thinks her loony statements are somehow reasonable.  Also, her views on Christianity are straight out of the most ignorant Bible Belt sub-culture and she apparently believes that the majority of Christians are Fundamentalist extremists.

I could forgive all of this if she were entertaining, but at best she is simply an annoying ideologue.  Her opinions weren’t even that interesting in the way someone like Glenn Beck is interesting, and her accusations were mostly just empty claims and childish taunts.  Maybe her writing is more entertaining, but her tv appearances don’t go beyond ignorant superficialities and stereotypes.

I find it quite scary that someone like her gets so much attention on mainstream media.  It’s a truly sad state of affairs that anyone thinks her opinions are worthy of even the time it takes to dismiss them.  I was considering posting some of the videos and analyzing them, but then I realized there was no point.  It’s easy for an ideologue like her to throw off soundbite accusations which lack any real substance.  However, to try to rationally dissect every instance of looniness would be an endless project.

For example, I could make an argument about Christianity which would put into context her religious ideology, but it doesn’t change anything.  Religious fanatics are religious fanatics.  What more can be said?  Who cares what ignorant religious extremists believe?  I don’t see much difference between her and an Islamic fundamentalist.  She says that the world would be better if it was forced to convert to her narrow vision of Christianity and she seems to think that tolerance for differences is undesirable.  It’s easy to laugh at her stupidity, but Christian extremists are as dangerous as Islamic extremists.  Anyone who pays attention to ideologically motivated violence in the US will notice that most of it is committed by Christian extremists.

I spent a couple hours listening to her and I didn’t gain much insight from it.  According to her, the ideal world would be a Republican theocracy where everyone was patriotic and dissent didn’t exist.  All I can say is that she is living in the wrong country if that is what she truly wants.  Her hatred and bigotry for everything different from her was more than obvious.  She certainly didn’t try hide it.  I accept that she is free to believe and say whatever she wants, but someone please explain to me why the mainstream media thinks the average American wants to hear such ignorance.  Is this kind of inane ranting actually considered worthwhile public debate!?!

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