Efficiency in Service of Laziness

I only want to make a quick observation.

I barely knew my grandmother and she died when I was a very young child, but for various reasons I have a strong sense of who she was… partly just from hearing about her.  Even when she was a live, I rarely saw her and she had little direct influence on me.  However, I feel I inherited some traits from her.  This is interesting because they aren’t traits my parents have and so I assume they’re genetic.

She was a sensitive creative chaos type, and so am I.  She was into spirituality and alternative subjects, and so am I.  She loved learning, and so do I.

My parents, on the other hand, are very responsible and sensible types.  I did pick up some intellectuality from my dad and some thinking traits from my mom, but neither of them are artistic.  One of my brothers also picked up this artistic bent.

My grandmother was and I (along with my older brother) am somewhat lazy with a tendency towards clutter.  One specific aspect of this caught my attention.  My dad spoke of how his mother didn’t like closing kitchen cabinet doors because they wasted time and effort.  Efficiency in the service of laziness.  Pure brilliance!  I do a similar thing with my microwave.  I set the timer at the longest time and just hit start every time I want to use it.  I only have to set the timer once ever month or so.  I didn’t learn this habit from anyone, but it’s precisely the type of shortcut my grandmother would’ve done if she had ever owned a microwave.

How does such a trait get passed on genetically?  It’s a rather strange tendency and apparently it’s regressive as it skipped my father.

I find it fascinating that such minor behaviors can be determined at birth by the random variables of inheritance.  If my parents didn’t talk about my grandmother, I would’ve never thought anything about it.  I would’ve just assumed it’s just the way I am.  I might even have thought I was unique or that I had chosen this tendency of my own freewill.  lol

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