Barbara Ehrenreich: Poverty, Homelesness

Here is a series of articles (from The New York Times) by Barbara Ehrenreich (who is best known for her book Nickel and Dimed) that presents an analysis of poverty and homelessness in the US at present.  It’s a depressing but important issue.

In my own local community, homelessness and poverty have been in the news a lot and this town has barely felt the effect of the economic downturn.  In the comments section of the local newspaper website, many people argue about how to deal with the crime problem and yet few seem to actually care about how to help people who are at the bottom of our society.  This is a middle-class white liberal town, but surprisingly even here liberal compassion is rare for those who are different.  The hatred that some of my fellow citizens voice against the homeless and the poor makes me feel ashamed.  And the idiotic polarization and finger-pointing makes me want to knock some sense in people.

Too Poor to Make the News

A Homespun Safety Net

Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?

For those who prefer videos:

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